The New Jewish Publication Society of America Tanakh, first published in complete form in , is a It is unrelated to the original JPS Tanakh translation , which was based on the Revised Version and American Standard Version but. The Tagged Tanakh is a collaborative platform around the Jewish Bible, brought to you by JPS. Sefaria users have long requested a modern Tanakh translation, and we’re pleased to now offer the classic Jewish Publication Society.

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His prophecies include an announcement of the coming of a tankh, when, captured by the Assyrian invaders, the priest’s wife will be reduced to earning her living by infamy; that the priest’s sons and daughters will be slain by the sword; that the Israelites will be enslaved; and that the priest himself will die in a polluted land.

New Jewish Publication Society of America Tanakh

Disappointed and angry, the prophet sits in a booth of woven boughs outside the city, waiting in vain for the judgment he had denounced. Esther’s cousin, the Jew Mordecai, who “sat in the palace gate” 2: The prophecies in Micah fall into three sections, each opening with a call to listen to God’s message.

The name “Joshua” Hebrew for “God is salvation” was substituted by Moses for Joshua’s earlier name, “Hoshea,” on the occasion of sending out the 12 spies Numbers Nahum pronounces that its destruction is near and will be swift and complete. The English title, Ecclesiastes, is the ancient Greek rendering of the Hebrew, which means “a member of the jpx. The books are naturally divided into four parts.

He begins to prophesy toward the close of the reign of Jeroboam II before the overthrow of the House of Jehu and continues to do so during the anarchic period of the kings that follows. As the first book of the Bible, it sets the precedent of taking its title from the first significant word in the text itself, bereshit.

The JPS Tanakh ( and ) by Kordell Thompson on Prezi

Then he promises them that from the day they begin the restoration in earnest, the harvests will become more plentiful and the years of drought and famine will change into blessings. The prophet also shows knowledge of the great historical movements not only of his own nation, but of other nations as well. The majority of the poems and narratives in these chapters are told in the first person and have a character of their own, which distinguishes them from the rest of Jeremiah.


Ezra, whose name means “help,”is the son of Seraiah and was probably born in Babylon. His prophecies consist of two chapters, and they were all delivered in the second year of Darius Hystaspes, very probably spoken directly to the people at the festivals of the New Moon and of the Feast of Tabernacles, which is the season of the autumn rains.

The prophet Jonah’s name means “dove. When Moses dies, Joshua is appointed by God as Moses’s successor and leader of the people, settling the Israelites in Canaan.

They buried the bones under the oak tree in Jabesh, and they fasted for seven days. The two books are in reality a single work and are so regarded in the original Hebrew canon.

Zerubbabel had previously rebuilt the Temple, but not the city walls. The opening chapters give us the key to the imagery that colors all of the prophet’s language thereafter.

His friends affirm that the cause is sinand they exhort Job to repent. The imagery of his visions is full of country life; he writes about the “lion roar in the forest” 3: The prophet Isaiah’s name, meaning “God is salvation,” serves as the title of the book. But as the personal life of David unravels, so too does the monarchy itself. In the first three chapters, a threatening tone dominates. At the close of these addresses there is jpps account of tamakh delivery of the Law to the Levites, a song sung by Moses, the final benediction of the twelve tribes, and the closing scenes of Moses’s life.

It refers to the setting of the book, as the Israelites leave behind the slavery jpss Egypt and journey through the desert wilderness toward the Promised Land, Canaan. Jpd final part of Judges contains a record of two remarkable incidents: Afterward, the Israelites will turn back and will seek the Lordtheir God.

It concludes with promises and warnings also called “blessings and curses”involving vows, tithes, and offerings to God. Joshua’s final taanakh to all the tribes assembled at Shechem, followed by a short epilogue, closes the book. The latter portion of Judges explains the extent to which some of the Israelite families were demoralized.

Nahum may have been the son of an Israelite captive. Proverbs consists of teachings for everyday life, but they come in numerous literary forms, not just as short proverbs. Luxury, oppression, idolatry, immorality, vain confidence in humankind, and lack of confidence in God, together with zealous attendance to the ceremonials of religious worship are the characteristics of both the kingdoms of Israel and Judah.


The unfaithfulness of Hosea’s wife, who has borne him two sons and one daughter, is used as a symbol of the idolatry of the nation in the sight tanaku God. Haman, an Agagite, a descendant of the ancient Amalekite kings.

That is, Daniel 1: Then he rebukes the mixed marriages and also the divorces, evidenced by the deserted wives weeping at the altar.

After holding the position of governor of Jerusalem, Nehemiah returns to the court of Artaxerxes. Still, Tanak emerges from these battles initially as a strong ruler of a unified nation, centered on a royal city that celebrates the blessings of God. Job is a wealthy, God-fearing man living in patriarchal style in the land of Uz. tanaku

The Tanakh [Full Text]

Ecclesiastes consists in the main of reflections upon and illustrations of the complete vanity of life. The third section of Numbers outlines the 38 years of wandering: Tsnakh order of the books is as found in published Tanakhimrather than that of common English Bibles.

Close This Message Sample Summary Title The name “Lamentations” comes from the Hebrew word kinotwhich is the plural of the term applied to David’s funeral song for Saul and Jonathan, considered by many tana,h be the quintessential dirge in biblical literature. Within their synagogue libraries, and 19885 use in their adult education classes, one also may find a wide variety of other Torah commentaries, including many from Orthodox Jewish authors and editors. David is one who is willing to go to extremes in order to achieve his heart’s desire: The destinies of all these kingdoms are touched upon by Isaiah, though the Israelites are foremost in Isaiah’s thoughts.

It concludes with teachings commonly known as “the blessings and ups curses,” which are said to be consequences of behaviors either sanctioned or prohibited by God.

Proverbs is a manual of practical rules for daily life, a book of lessons for all ages and for all men and women. When we speak of “the psalms of David,” it is not to imply that taankh of them were actually written by King David, but rather that they are written in the style of David.