Many books have been written about Joseph Smith. This one the result of Truman Madsen s deep love for the Prophet and years of research illuminates specific. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Truman G. Madsen received graduate degrees in philosophy and philosophy of religion from the University of Utah and . Joseph Smith the Prophet has ratings and reviews. Jake said: These lectures ought to be titled: Joseph Smith the Hero. By the time Madsen is do.

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I thrive in understatements. It truly brought Joseph to light and provided many quotes by the Prophet that I had not heard before.

This one the product of Truman Madsen’s deep love for the subject and years of research illuminates specific facets of Joseph Smith s greatness. The Olive Press May 09, X.

Joseph Smith the Prophet – Deseret Book

This book is much more comprehensive tfuman helping to paint a bigger chronological picture of the other people and places and things going on that help me to understand even better who he was.

Truman Madsen’s book is not biography, though it touches upon aspects of Joseph Smith’s character and personality. A Personal Search for the M He had visions of he past as well as of the future.

Sep 20, Joe rated it really liked it. Why was Abraham commanded to go up on that mountain How is this relevant to any prophet’s calling and mission?

Joseph Smith, the Prophet

Joseph Smith the Prophet by Truman G. Reading the book will only strengthen your resolve to be more Christlike, appreciate what the prophet went through to restore the truth to the earth, and give you desires to build the Kingdom of God upon the earth. The stories are carefully researched and masterfully delivered. I enjoyed how he broke down the spiritual gifts the prophet had possessed and also the personality traits of the prophet.


Evans Chair in Judeo-Christian Studies from to We will one day know that whatever we call miraculous was, in fact lawful p. I listed to the audio of these lectures. The result is a vivid, riveting portrayal of this remarkable prophet.

I learned a few things and respect the Joseph Smith even more. The book is a tribute as well as an attempt to profile the personality of Joseph Smith as a religious leader.

Joseph Smith the Prophet

Madsen is truly the best resource on the prophet. The Prophet Joseph had that kind of expansive soul.

But that did not mean he was perfect; inMadsen spent 17 days in the Salt Lake County Jail for traffic violations including running a red light, speeding, and driving on a suspended license.

The writing style is easy-going– not sterile research language– and all the great little insights and tidbits from the Prophet’s life helped me visualize him as a real person. Power from Abrahamic Tests October 12, X. I drove a truck and wore out the tapes. Love this series of lectures from Truman G. When he diagnosed with bone cancer in his later years, he remarked trkman while he had spent time learning intellectually about suffering, he was now given the opportunity to learn about it in his very bones.

He sponsored several symposia on comparative religion published as Reflections on Mormonism, The Temple in Antiquity, and Chosenness and Covenant in Judaism and Mormonism. The other part that I enjoyed is that the book is full of footnotes that expounds even further the dept of information Truman acquired. In section 88 of the Doctrine and Covenants the Lord said the temple was to be a house of glory, a house of order, a house of prayer, a house of fasting, a house of God p.


This is not a catch-all biography of the man I consider to be a prophet of God, but it is an intelligent study, worthy of attention. His legacy of faith and scholarship lives on joselh his words, which continue to touch the lives of many.

Again, this shows a mind that is not only open but also receptive; and not only receptive, but also obedient, even when the required response seemed to run counter to former assumptions and traditions. It is also needless to make great pretensions when the heart is not right: Want to jodeph if the Mormon church is true? This is not a catch-all amith of 3. Joseph Smith Lecture 3: The ‘family’ was always larger than Joseph’s blood relatives–visitors from different places, immigrants needing temporary accommodation, and so on p.

Madsen is candid at times, especially about Joseph’s introduction of the practice of polygamy. Sep 24, Lotte rated it really liked it Shelves: Oct 05, Jodi Hawkins rated it it was amazing. Rather, we revere him hruman the first prophet of the latter days.

Roberts and On Human Nature.