students finally voted for Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat! .. When asked whether memorising all the English scripts and lyrics is difficult, Joe . Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. There is no “script” for this musical but there is plenty of acting. Since there will be no part to. Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (Backing Track) For Schools This version of Joseph has a Piano-Vocal Score and Script to match the CD.

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Pharaoh, he was a powerful man With the ancient world in the palm of his hand To all intents and purposes he Was Egypt with a capital E Whatever he did he was showered with praise If he cracked a joke then you chortled for days No-one had rights or a vote but the king In fact you might say he was fairly right-wing When Pharaoh’s around, then you get down on the ground If you ever find yourself near Rameses — get down on your knees.

Being told were also-rans Does not make us Joseph fans. Joseph handed them sackloads of food And they grovelled with base gratitude Then, unseen, Joseph nipped out around the back And planted a cup in young Benjamin’s sack When the brothers were ready to go Joseph turned to them all with a terrible stare and said No! If my life were important I would ask will I live or die But I know the answers lie far from this world Close every door to me, keep those I love from me Children of Israel are never alone For we know we shall find our own peace of mind For we have been promised a land of our own.

Jacob, Jacob and sons. Reuben was the eldest of the children of Israel With Simeon and Levi the next in line.


We had never liked him All that much before And now this coat. Jacob wanted to show the world he loved his son To make it clear that Joseph was the special one So Jacob bought his son a coat. Show him some mercy oh mighty one please He would not do this, he must have been framed Jail us and beat us, we should be blamed.

Joseph and his technicolor dreamcoat script

A king would stop and stare. Sure as de tide wash de golden sand Benjamin teh an innocent man Sure as bananas need de sun We are de criminal guilty ones. Perusal Material Shipped immediately. Those Canaan days we used to know Where have they gone? But what makes us mad Are the things that Joseph tells us of the dreams he’s often had. The Brothers Come to Egypt.

Joseph’s luck was really out, his spirits and his fortune low Alone he sat, alone he thought of happy times he used to know Hey dreamer! Such a stunning coat of many colors Chorus: Give me my colored coat, my amazing colored coat!

Origin Theatrical | Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (Backing Track)

Pharaoh said fetch this Joseph man I need him teh help me if he can. In the noseph of a boy who’s dreams came true. Jacob, Jacob and sons. Father, we’ve something to tell you, a story of our time A tragic but inspiring tale of manhood in its prime You know you had a dozen sons — well now that’s not quite true But feel no sorrow, do not grieve, he would not want you to.

Joseph we are the perfect team Old buddies you and me I was wise to have chosen you You’ll be wise to agree We were in a jam Would have baffled Abraham But now we’re a partnership it’s just a piece of cake.

A crash of drums, a flash of light My golden coat flew out of sight The colors faded into darkness I was left alone. Oh no — not he How you can accuse him is a mystery Save him — take me Benjamin is straighter dan de tall palm tree. He knew his sheepskin days were gone. But if you think it, want it, dream it, Then it’s real. Joseph wanted to resist her, till one day she proved too eager Joseph cried in vain.


The summers were endlessly gold The fields were a patchwork of clover The winters were never too cold We’d stroll down the boulevard together No hint of this technioclor decline Now the fields are dead and bare No joie de vivre anywhere Et maintenant we drink a bitter wine. Backing Tracks only, all live instruments.

Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat Script

How he loved his coat of many colors Chorus: NicolasassjonesJun 12, I dreamed I saw eleven stars, the sun and moon and sky Bowing down before my star, it made me wonder why Could it be that I was born for higher things than you? But what makes us mad. Joseph’s coat annoyed his brothers. My service to Pharaoh has begun Tell me your problems, mighty one.

I closed my eyes, drew back the curtain To see for certain what I thought I knew Far far away, someone was weeping But the world was sleeping Any dream will do. His sons and his wives used to call him Dad Bros Shout: This could be the happy ending, perfect place to stop the show Joseph after all has got about as far as he can go But I’m sure that Jacob and his other sons have crossed your mind How had famine hit the family Joseph left behind?

Spent all of his days in the fields with sheep.