Childhood. Joseph Kentenich was born in Gymnich near Cologne in In , he went to the Saint Vincent orphanage in Oberhausen. At his admittance to. Father Joseph Kentenich was born in Gymnich near Cologne, Germany, on November 18, As a youth, he recognized his calling to become a priest. Joseph Kentenich, born in in Gymnich, near Cologne in Germany was the founder of the Schoenstatt Family Movement. He came from a ” good and.

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Confidently, they bring their concerns or their thanksgiving for help that they have received. This confrontation is to challenge the domination of the world; today this is kentenoch visible. Kentenich, the recognition in faith of the unique relationship between Jesus and Mary is the key to the secret of building a new Christian society. On 18 October he drew up a founding document for a sodality that formulated a Covenant of Love with Mary, Mother of God and our mother.

But it is not one just more book about him or of him, nor is it a book of photographs or a book of his writings— there has already been a great deal of that. Of the 12, prisoners, there are 2, priests.

Joseph Kentenich – Wikipedia

This without counting the several Federations and Leagues gathering priests, lay people and families. Legal Notice Disclaimer Privacy Policy.

InJoseph for the first time expressed the wish to become a priest. The neutrality of this article is disputed. Meanwhile Father Kentenich gave endless retreats, conferences kenetnich formation courses.

It also has to have a universal dimension, to be open to all. In opposition to these ideas in fashion, Father Kentenich stresses the fatherhood of God and that of the priesthood in the Church, especially the episcopate.

This covenant of love generates culture and covenant culture is the unique expression of our way of life and work, our attachment to God, to people, to nature and culture, to the Church and the world, which kentenoch departs from the covenant of love.


The Founder: Fr. Joseph Kentenich

But he encountered opposition in the Church because his ideas were ” new ” and he had a large following of people who valued kentenoch spiritual direction.

The Pope Video November Josee all our actions, we daily hear the echoes of the words given to us by Pope Francis during the audience on 25 October” a culture of encounter is a covenant culture that creates solidarity. What makes unique this approach is that this “Covenant” is conceived not as a pious symbol, but a bilateral contract between the two contracting parties.

After six years of difficult trials — very fragile health, a crisis of faith which lasted for years and a first rejection by his superiors dealing with his priestly ordination — he is ordained a Minister of Christ on July 8, Upon arrival, Catherine grips on the neck of a statue of Our Lady one of the few precious objects she owns: Science Jowe Separation of church and state Relations Politics.

However, his long advocacy upsets the Apostolic Visitor, who sends the file to the Holy Office in Rome. InFather Kentenich is appointed as parish priest of the German speaking Catholic community of Milwaukee, which has many immigrants from that nation. Two of those priests are still working tirelessly in the very poor black communities in the townships and also in Transkei.

We want to approach his person from a well defined angle: Michaelformerly abandoned and used for the storage of the gardening tools, he gathers about twenty seminarians, where they seal with the Mother of God a covenant that he will call “Covenant of Love”. Relevant discussion may be found on kentenihc talk page. Father Kentenich said about the swastika: The boy attended a school there for a few months.

Joseph Kentenich is a part of Gymnich. Pastoral Activity in Dachau Despite harsh conditions in the camp, Fr. About Schoenstatt Schoenstatt is an ecclesial Movement, where everyone, kenteinch according to his individual vocation and united in covenant, serves the Church and its mission and the world God has entrusted to us.


WHO WAS FATHER KENTENICH ? Dilexit Ecclesiam ­ He loved the Church

With the outbreak of the Second World War in and the celebration of the Silver Jubilee of Schoenstatt, adversity struck the Movement. After endless vexations, on 20 SeptemberFather Kentenich is summoned by Gestapo ; we quote one of his words, pronounced in private, but reported by an informer: At the age of nine he was placed in an orphanage in Oberhausen where he remained for the next five years. He thanks the Pope for the publication, two days earlier, of the constitution Provida Mater Ecclesiawhich created the Secular Institutes.

Human beings, because of our emotional sensitivity, seek to find God and the divine incarnated in concrete human persons.

The core of Schoenstatt’s foundation is the covenant of love with Mary, the Mother of God. On 20 September Fr Kentenich was arrested by the Gestapo in Koblenz and subsequently sent to Dachau concentration camp. This kind of language was not favourably received by those outside the Movement! He began his novitiate in Notwithstanding his advanced age, he dedicated himself with all his strength to the direction of his Work which was world-wide. Being that Schoenstatt is a reflection of the person and the spirit of Father Kentenich, it is logical that the Movement in its spirituality and its structure, may manifest the breadth of the heart, the greatness of the soul, the universality of its Founder.