Editions. Rabbit Redux. Paperback Rabbit Redux . John Updike · Paperback · Ebook. View more editions. Buy from Buy from – arrow. Rabbit Redux has ratings and reviews. Robin said: DISCLAIMER: Rabbit, Run made me a John Updike Rabbit, Run was Updike’s anti . John Updike’s novel “Rabbit Redux” remains the most illuminating and prophetic of modern political novels, though on the surface it.

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I’m finding I can tell it’s you before scrolling to the bottom. Updike just wants to make his white guy look like a victim, a nice guy who wants to get along.

The best novels: No 88 – Rabbit Redux by John Updike () | Books | The Guardian

I really look forward to the third book in the series – Rabbit is Rich. I’m committed to reading these rbbit, but this had better be the low point of the series ahem, tetralogy. Updike readers will forgive the complicated themes and enjoy the truly great writing. Or, should I say, nasty sex.

Beauty and the Arc of Terror: Rabbit Redux Reconsidered

Now let’s throw in some dope and some An Artist of the Floating World: He allows an angry young black radical to invade his home, lecture rzbbit at tedious length on racism in America, and exploit the rich white hippie chick Rabbit has recently “adopted” as a sexual plaything. Norman Rush’s people, by contrast, embody politics in dizzyingly complex ways.

Late in life, Updike published a slimmer novel called Terroristwhich met with distinctly mixed reviews. Some of the spouting off held tremendous shock value, and with that plus the very weird middle sections of the book, I thought about abandoning it. Rabbit is abandoned by his family, his home invaded by a runaway and a radical, his past reduced to a ruined inner landscape; still he clings to semblances of decency and responsibility, and yearns arbbit belong and to believe.

Trivia About Rabbit Redux Rab Mim is a high priced prostitute from out West, and she’s flown in to see Rabbit’s parents, particularly Rabbit’s mother, who is dying.

He’s having to deal with a rebellious son, an estranged wife and two updime who love to shoot up. What is upddike novel about? She even has an affair.


The sequel to Rabbit, Runthis novel rejoins Rabbit Angstrom ten years after the events of the earlier novel, in which the hero, hoping to recapture his lost youth as a star athlete, fled his marriage, only to return after his wife, Janice, in a drunken stupor, allowed their second child to drown.

Rabbit Redux

And this novel is well-written — Updike is someone everyone should read at least once. The Angstroms warily settle back into family life as they face the ragbit of the s. We may yet find something to learn, or at least to wonder at, in those twentieth-century writers who exposed how complicated and intricate and dangerous sex could be. Harry begins smoking dope and exploring the down-and-out side of Brewer. As for the feminist critique of Updike, I have observed elsewhere that I think it is at least partially made in bad faith.

Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. I also thought it was neat that I read the first Rabbit book when I was around 24 or 25, when Rabbit himself is around that age, and read the second when I was 34 and R This was so much better than I dared hope. Jill is clean from drugs, and things seem to be going well Nelson worships herwhat with her making dinners resux than Janice, playing guitar, and being reddux hippie dippy.

This is a great book and you’ll probably …more It’s not necessary, but will help you understand erdux nuance of the relationships and many of the references.

Is this scabrous social comment, or a piece of callous authorship? Jan 04, Noah Dropkin rated it it revux amazing. And a lot less exciting. Plot momentum rbabit suffers, but whether you count this as a flaw depends entirely on your tolerance for digressive poetics. Janice and Rabbit are no longer the children of the first novel, but we still recognize them, just as they recognize each other: Rabbit isn’t a man you are going to love.

The novel is of course punctuated by sex scenes; they reudx, so to speak, climactic, and why not? Leopold Bloom was an ad canvasser for a newspaper, and in Rabbit Reduxthe title character is a typesetter, employed by rabbit ironically named Verity Press.

Updike, who openly admired many of those values, has sometimes been characterized by writers to his left as a reactionary. He still has pretty much the same opinion of his wife’s intellect and parenting skills, but it’s ten years later, and Rabbit has joined his father in the printing business — he’s a lithographer — earning a skilled, blue collar paycheck everyday, ending the day with a couple of cocktails with dad, and going home to be a noncommital but at least present husband and father, a life he still considers pretty second rate.


There are three African American characters. Charlie suffers a heart attack while he and Janice are together, but she saves his life. Like Fellini in Dolce Vita, one practically expects a woman any one to be exhibited and made to perform in front of a drunken crowd, all the while being violently humiliated and feathered. His first hope was to be a poet.

Contemporary reviews of the book were generally positive and often glowing. But this verdict is far too rabbih to contain the vast corpus Updike left behind. The sad, often drunk young woman from the first novel, has become a much richer character. Rabbit Redux First edition. Modernism put this sacralization of reality to a particular kind of work: Yet Rabbit remains a sympathetic figure, because through him Updike creates a mirror; Rabbit’s considerable flaws do not sink inward, as part of his character, but bounce outward back at the society he chafes a What makes Rabbit one of the most compelling characters in American literature?

His job is going down the pan as well. Rilke wrote that beauty was merely the beginning of the arc of terror. Or Rabbit Gets Woke, in which Rabbit is turned on to and back off of the hippie movement with the convenient help of a barely legal teenager who shows up like “I love blowjobs, can I live with you?

Updike is a very puckish writer! In any case, Wood in his punitive Protestant iconoclasm would of course disparage Jjohn, since the novelist, as Louis Menand explainsbelongs to the Joycean tradition of sacramental poetics from which Beckett was in flight: