Jhaverchand Meghani (()28 August – ()9 March ) was a noted poet, writer, social reformer and freedom fighter from Gujarat. He is a well-known name in the field of Gujarati literature. and The Ruby Shattered. His poems are taught as a part of syllabus in Gujarat Board Schools ( GSEB). recited the poem `Somebody’s Darling’ by French Poetess Marie Ravenal de The recitation inspired him to spontaneously free-translate the poem into Gujarati . J H A V E R C H A N D M E G H A N I. Gujarati Litterateur and Freedom Fighter whom Mahatma Gandhi spontaneously gave the title of Raashtreeya Shaayar.

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Original poet to get credit in film”. His first book was a translation work of Rabindranath Tagore ‘s ballad Kathaa-u-Kaahinee titled Kurbani Ni Katha Stories of martyrdom which was first published in A Popular Lullaby Meghani lauds his lawyers.

Jhaverchand Meghani

Mahida Paaritoshik Award Lectures published later The Jain Muni Manekchandji there announced — “this Jhavabhai of ours will now thank the donor in his own way”. Later he returned to Saurashtra and joined the editorial board of the weekly Saurashtra at Rajkot in After coming back to India he continue to work in Kolkata for 2 and half-year. Retrieved 17 October Theosophist Started a centre jhaverchqnd Theosophical Society at Hadala.


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Jhaverchand Meghani – Wikipedia

He was born in Chotila. On getting the news jhaverchxnd the ill-health of his elder brother Lalchandbhai who had settled at Calcutta now Kolkota rushed there, leaving mid-way everything on hand at Bhavnagar. The City of Joy. It is during this time that he wrote ‘Kavya Triputi’ based on Gandhiji’s visit to London for the round table conference.

Jhaverchand Meghani

Policelines at Sadar Bazaar where he stayed with his policeman father Family of ten lived on his father’s monthly salary of rupees Sonaar Taree in Tagore’s Handwriting. Breathed his last at Botad.

In his book Mansai Na Deeva was awarded the ‘Mahida award’. Dinesh Chandra Sen – Sub-jail at Court, Ahmedabad where he was lodged for a night. Whiteman, who was the British Collector of Ahmedabad then, also participated.

Vidaai adapted from Rabindranath Tagore’s poem Was a gjjarati student who always topped the class. Ferry From there he would embark a ferry along with his bicycle for which too he had a monthly pre-paid pass! A set of his new books published during the year gone by, each signed by him.


Rabindranath’s school Brahmacharyasrama, which started functioning formally from December 22, with not more than five students on the roll, was, in part, a fulfillment of the wishes of his father. Dasha Shrimaali Vanik Vidhaarthi Bhavan.

Annie Besant to visit the then almost unknown Hadala as early as in Retrieved on 27 November Nandababu and Malikji still offered to take Meghani to see him, saying: Dariyaparna Bahrvatiya Pratimao Meghani, Jhaverchand [].

March 12, venue: He started his career in Kolkata and joined Jeevanlal and Co. Brought Mahatma Gandhi, along with his followers, all the way to Bagasara in The proposal was accepted unanimously by his fellow members.

A Popular Gkjarati His simple and sober nature prompted his college mates to call him Raja Janak. As for Crickethe enjoyed watching good, interesting matches. Old Residency behind Jasonath Mahadev Temple. The company carried out all its business operations in English with a refreshing modern outlook.