is there a god?, is jesus christ god?, is the bible history or myth? JESUS REDISCOVERED. By MALCOLM MUGGERIDGE. O that thou shouldst give dust a. In addition to being one of the most important literary figures of the twentieth century, Malcolm Muggeridge is an authentic Christian mystic. Malcolm Muggeridge writes with clarity, humour and deep love, of his own efforts to let the light of Jesus shine before men. His “rediscovery” of Jesus is one of.

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There were some neat moments when he discussed the Blake’s visionary Christianity, but these Sad to say, but Muggeridge’s masterpiece wasn’t that interesting a read for me. And how mysteriously they come and go! Then higher still, full of the wonder of all creation, until they reached their own souls; pressing on even beyond them, towards the eternal Wisdom which belongs neither to the past nor the future, but simply is: And while we spoke of the eternal Wisdom, longing for it and straining for it with all the jeus of our hearts, for one fleeting instant we reached out and touched it.

Muggeridge’s words causes him to ‘come alive’ as it were. Five stars for the content, minus one star for the repetition. Joe rated it liked it Jan 04, To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Not very reaso I wish more well-read sages from the 60s wrote books like this one. Each week, our editors select the one author and one book they believe to be most worthy of your attention and highlight them in our Pro Connect email alert. A good example of a Christian outside of the institutional church having fun taking potshots at jesys warts and flaws, leading to There was a problem adding your email address. Some of the best things in the book are those which are previously unpublished ten of the twenty-three piecessuch as the title essay and “”Four Sermons”” Where spontaneity, an unusual point of view, and sprightliness of style show the author at hy most enjoyable.

Without having a copy of the text in front of me to go back and check, I can’t say with certainty these discrepancies were even significant.

This sojourn in the Soviet Union ended Muggeridge’s infatuation with Communism as a panacea for the ills of the world. His compassion for the maimed, whether they were physically, mentally or spiritually disabled, was fathomless. I need no other map. This is the case even with John, the disciples Jesus is said to have loved with a special tenderness, and to whom he handed over the care of his mother as he was dying. It is in being lived that it lives, as it is in loving that the love which it discloses at the heart of all creation becomes manifest.


There are a Probably fairly radical in its day, this book now seems long-winded and – in places – somewhat tedious.

Jesus Rediscovered by Malcolm Muggeridge

Want to Read saving…. Much of these come from the late 60’s where the concepts of free contraception, abortion on demand, Christian Marxism, or Christian Liberalism were first being debated.

Get behind me, you Satan: But perhaps his works on religion, written about the same time as his aut Review by Jeremy Rios sums up my feelings; I’d give it 3.

As they talked on, their thoughts reached higher and higher; from ‘the whole compass of material things in their various degrees, up to the heavens themselves, from which the sun and the moon and the stars shine down upon the earth’.

Jesus Rediscovered Malcolm Muggeridge No preview available – Hearing him speaking as though with some unseen presence, and seeing his face shining with ecstasy, and even his clothes glistening and luminous, the three disciples were overcome with awe, so that they fell on their faces and were afraid.

Trivia About Jesus Rediscovered. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Sometimes Malcolm Muggeridge is terribly bright; sometimes, amusing; sometimes, thoughtful. I admit, this is not what I was expecting from this book, given its title.


By clicking on “Submit” you agree that you have read and agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Then with a sigh leaving our spiritual harvest bound to it, we returned to the sound of our own speech, in which each word has a beginning and an ending – far, far different from makcolm Word, our Lord, who abides in himself for ever, yet never grows old and gives new life to all things.

To those who like myself, rightly or wrongly, have become convinced that what rediscoverd called ‘Western civilization’ is irretrievably over, and that another Dark Age is upon us, this seeming collapse of the Church is desolating. It was, after all, the essential requirement – to hear and heed what he had to say. And yet, now that I’ve finished this book, I’m delighted with its patchwork quality.


Thomas Malcolm Muggeridge was an English journalist, author, media personality, and satirist. If Jesus had publicly claimed to be Messiah, nothing could have stopped a useless flood tide of slaughter. I am currently listening to this Blackstone Audio book-on-tape and I can’t believe how good it is. Every spiritual harvest has, like Augustine’s and Monica’s, to be left behind, ungarnered; there is always the desolating return to the sound of words which begin and end when what they have to say has neither ending nor beginning.

He witnessed the Ukranian famine and was the first western reporter to write truthfully maclolm the resultant death and devestation. Malcolm Muggeridge was considered an authentic Christian mystic. He returned to his native England inwhere he married Katherine Kitty Dobbs and worked as a substitute teacher. It seems so apropos that he came to know Christ through the wonders of Our Creator’s world and man’s struggle to know, love and serve God.

Jesus Rediscovered

While there he completed a biography of Samuel Butler. Instead we are treated in the most delightful way to prose oh so eloquent. Preview — Jesus Rediscovered by Malcolm Muggeridge. Jan 05, Guy Parker rated it really liked it. Experiencing these brief ecstasies, so long watched and waited for, and passing so quickly, is like sitting through a dull concert because at some point there will be a movement, or maybe just a few chords, so rediscoverex that the roof and the walls of the concert-hall will dissolved, the orchestra and their instruments and the prancing conductor with his baton disappear, leaving one alone in a universe overflowing with the music of life itself, its generality and its particularity merged into a oneness, eternal breakers beating against the shores of Time.

Now umggeridge third and last question, from one of the High Priest’s servants who had noticed Peter’s Galilean accent, and thought he recognized him as having been in the Garden of Gethsemane with Jesus when he was taken: If I had a paper copy of it, I’d stop the tape and start reading it redizcovered drop everything else.

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