Günther Herdin, Johann Klausner. GE Jenbacher GmbH & Company, Jenbach, Austria. Martin Weinrotter, Josef Graf. Vienna University of Technology, Vienna. Mar 31, Stationary Gas Engines with H2 as Fuel or as Fuel Component. Dr. Guenther Herdin. CTO GE Jenbacher. 2. NOX Generation. Different Fuels. 0. Patents by Inventor Günther Herdin. Günther Herdin has filed for patents to protect the following inventions. Assignee: GE Jenbacher GmbH & Co OHG.

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In particular, the operating costs of stoichiometrically run engines besides the higher specific procurement costs are considerably more expensive in comparison to lean-burn engines.

Visualization of nerdin ignition voltage values on the dia.


Heedin crank web has a counterweight attached with 2 bolts to reduce the inertial forces acting upon uenbacher bearings. Check Out Now Continue Browsing. Dessauer Gas Engine Conference [6] H. It was even possible to increase the bore-specific flow coefficient of the exhaust port by Figure 16 shows the heat balance of the first delivered engines.

The control of lean-burn combustion is based on the proven LEA. Relationship between compression ratio, type of combustion and degree of efficiency Regarding gas engines, one must also pay attention to the fuel properties knock resistanceas these also restrict the hercin of the combustion process. Knippitsch Leanox Patent Registration number 0 [2] G. It allows pressure ratios up to 4. After an intensive development phase, beginning with the end of the year the first pilot engines were delivered to customers.

This new technology allows faster combustion and a lower methane number requirement of the engine. Therefore appropriate attention was paid to the mixture formation. The young and motivated team supports him with fresh spirit and future-oriented ideas, using one of the latest design software. Figure 2 shows the view of the cylinder head from the combustion chamber side. This peak pressure can occur with single-stage supercharging with BMEPs of 2.


Company Overview GE Energy Jenbacher gas engines 4 GE Energy Jenbacher products Specialist for efficient gas engines – Natural gas segment Production and delivery of plants for decentralized energy supply based on natural Principally, the temperature load on the HEC piston due to the smaller Lambda is, despite the higher BMEP, perhaps equal to or somewhat less compared with the present state of Series 3.

The turbocharger TPS 57 is located above the damper on the front side of the engine. These also supply the main bearings as well as the supply channels for the piston cooling oil nozzles. Furthermore, the specific power density of the new engine – Only then is it possible to ensure optimal values for burning durations and the variation coefficient.

Heat and Thermodynamics Jeopardy. The conrod bearings have a diameter of mm. Pockstaller Systems for Gas Engines 1. Alongside this requirement, it is also necessary to produce the desired flow conditions in the combustion chamber through the intake ports.

Smart cogeneration plants with high efficient gas engines Author The figure below shows the development and output over time of the Jenbacher type 6 gas engine family. It operates independently of a user’s location or IP address.

This spark plug is designated as JW P4. One aspect concentrated on during development was in the area of optimal mounting and service-friendliness.


The actually possible process of combustion Seiliger cycle lies between both curves; in any case, for good degrees of efficiency one should strive for as large a constant volume portion as possible. The degree of combustion efficiency is primarily dependent upon the compression ratio and the process of combustion [4]. Various data from publications and sales documentation of engine manufacturers [10] G. KLS 98 with the respective knock sensors All information recorded about misfires and knocking are displayed in the customary way on the screen of the “dia.


The important components were dimensioned for the full load of 60, operating hours typical for stationary engines.

Jenbacher Type 6 – Bdc. In this regard, Figure jenbafher shows the load curves in the area of the fillets from the con-rod bearing to the crank web.

Newer Post Jdnbacher Post Home. The advantage of this design is minimal liner deformations and a contribution additionally to less total weight. For diesel engines this value is absolutely top-notch, but is connected with about fivefold higher NOx emissions.

Springe zum Inhalt Gas engine design High efficiency – Low emissions. Herdin owneris surrounded by a valuable team of engineers. The advantage of the crack type is the extremely high dimensional stability of the bearing diameters, with the consequence that socalled oversize con-rods can be avoided after engine overhauls and costs saved. The upper water jacket is separated from the lower water jacket by hervin of a conical partition, the passage of cooling water being effected by bore holes in the wall between the valves.

Gas Engines: Jenbacher Gas Engines Efficiency

For assistance or to subscribe, please contact us:. The development of combustion resulted on the basis of direct ignition usual for bore diameters under mm. A “cross flow type” was chosen as the flow concept, where the exhaust gas side is located on the outside of the engine.