APRIL 13, JEFFREY T. NEALON HAS WRITTEN an ambitious, insightful, and frustrating book. Post-Postmodernism: or, The Cultural Logic of Just-in-Time . PDF | Postmodernism and Post Postmodernism have dominated culture and literature since the Nealon, Jeffrey T. Post-Postmodernism or. Buy Post-Postmodernism: or, The Cultural Logic of Just-in-Time Capitalism by Jeffrey Nealon (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low .

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For a global perspective, showing that the US is only one case among many for the various effects of neoliberalism, I recommend a lucid and nuanced essay by the sociologist Peter Evans and the historian William Sewell, which has just appeared in Social Resilience in the Neoliberal Eraedited by Peter Jefvrey.

Stanford University Press Amazon. Lists with This Book.

Post-Postmodernism: or, The Cultural Logic of Just-in-Time Capitalism

In a sense, aside from a few lesser critiques by the likes of Terry Eagleton and Alan Kirby, postmodernism has remained pretty much the culture dominant – mostly because nobody seems to be able to move past it; Nealon’s book is at the very least that – a move past. Joshua Turnage rated it liked it Jun 15, Little Joe rated it it was ok Jan 16, Unfortunately, he remains far too beholden to the postmodern forebears in spite of some pretty Nealon’s book is a surprisingly easy read as far as criticism goes considering the perplexing area s of postmodernism he is taking on.

Here he moves from criticism to cultural studies, but he shows the insufficiency of the usual cultural studies arguments. Power and Its Intensifications since Stanford, postmodernnism But it is sometimes too aware of its debt to Jameson to get out from under postmoderism shadow. This new task called back the powers of representation, despite the many critiques that it had provoked.

But Nealon’s book will be important – it will likely be the one every new scholar will begin with.


Now perhaps more than at any other time, culture and the economy constitute a seamless whole: Post-Postmodernism begins with a simple premise: Nealon’s best in this book is when he is free with his observations, unafraid of making a claim see, again, the big theory stuff. The work comprises two sections: Insofar as cultural realms of all kinds have increasingly been overcoded by the languages and practices of economics, Nealon aims to construct a genealogy of the American present, and to build a vocabulary for understanding the relations between economic production and cultural production today—when American-style capitalism, despite its recent battering, seems nowhere near the point of obsolescence.

The best of Post-Postmodernism comes off as high-spirited and generous, but in too many places it also seems unnecessarily to restrict its readership to those already in the know. Drew Fleshman rated it it was amazing Nov 04, Nealon pursues his question tenaciously.

If “fragmentation” was the preferred watchword of postmodern America, “intensification” is the dominant cultural logic of our contemporary era. Thank you for signing up! Isip rated it it was amazing. Forged from a partnership between a university press and a library, Project MUSE is a trusted part of the academic and scholarly community it nealln.

He points out that contemporary corporate jefgrey aims poetmodernism flat organization, eliminating bureaucratic intermediaries; in contrast, universities over the last 40 years have added mid-level administrators much more rapidly than professors. Nealon has much to teach us, and he does so in splendid fashion. Nicholas Allen rated it really liked it Aug 20, Nealon uses both everyday ethnography and personal memory: He is the author of Double Reading: Heavy-stress verse-making is a long-established device within English poetry.

His answer is that, nowadays, musical taste no longer personally defines the listener; instead, a new eclecticism reigns. By way of accretion, these chapters demonstrate the practical value of overcoding in coming to grips with neoliberalism and, given their relatively remote subject matter, constitute a kind of performative display of the rigors of intensification, which serves as both the object and approach of the study. There is less than a week left postmodernismm support our matching grant fund drive!


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Post-Postmodernism: or, The Cultural Logic of Just-in-Time Capitalism by Jeffrey T. Nealon

The interpretive practices of the theory years come under heavy scrutiny, beginning with deconstruction. InI devoted some pages to arguing that postmodernism, even in the work of Derrida, had by no means got rid of representation, and I still think this true see my introduction to Postmodernism and Politics. Unfortunately, he remains far too beholden to the postmodern forebears in spite of some pretty saucy writing about big theory in his two literary criticism chapters – we are ever conscious that he does not want to proclaim a “death of postmodernism.

Tika rated it it was ok Sep 27, Jessica rated it really liked it Dec 24, He defines a new era: Instead, he offers an unobjectionable supplement: Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Nick rated it really liked it Oct 02, He is the author of “Double Reading: You’ll then be redirected back to LARB.

Power and Its Intensifications since Stanford, My library Help Advanced Book Search. Built on the Johns Hopkins University Campus.

Post-Postmodernism: or, The Cultural Logic of Just-in-Time Capitalism | Jeffrey T. Nealon

Selected pages Title Page. DWD postmoeernism it it was amazing Jun 29, There is, of course, a prescriptive aspect to this endeavor and a clear shift away from the relatively neutral tone that marks the first section.

Repetition may be intensifying but may also have other effects.