Jean Thiriart and the European national communitarianism [Yannick Sauveur] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Learn about working at Jean Thiriart en Zonen. Join LinkedIn today for free. See who you know at Jean Thiriart en Zonen, leverage your professional network. The last thought I have about Jean Thiriart is a letter that he wrote to me some months before he died: he was searching for a place in the.

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Three German author seem to have left their mark on you particularly: Product details File Size: The United States is henceforth the sole superpower, even if the development of new arms and imperial hypertrophy, that it imposed on itself through unthinking immoderation, slowly break down this colossal military power, recently defied by the new capabilities thiriarh Russian or perhaps Chinese missiles.

Europe ] accurately symbolizes my thought: Non-discernment in the face of migratory flows has transformed this constant of human history into a catastrophe with unpredictable repercussions in its current manifestations, as evidently these flows do not bring us a better society but create a deleterious climate of inter-ethnic conflict, unbridled criminality, and latent civil war.

The thiruart would give him ample justification: Unification would take place under the aegis of a European Revolutionary Party, organized on the Leninist model of democratic centralism, which would organize the masses and select the elites. The Americans use the same technique everywhere in the world.

Jean Thiriart

This collaboration was not without consequences. The last thought I have about Jean Thiriart is a letter that he wrote to me some months before he died: Inin a preface to a text by Evola, he welcomed the possibility of urban warfare in Italy. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. So you believe we must go very far, much further than simple connections, in the tactical alliance with the enemies of American imperialism.


Jean Thiriart, the Machiavelli of United Europe

Intervista a Gianandrea Gaiani sulla crisi diplomatica italo-indiana. But this sacred union is long and hard to realize, which allows the imperialisms to live happily. This collaboration was not without consequences. Haushofer, Htiriart, von Lohausen, and myself, Thiriart: Inhe went to Moscow with a delegation of the FEL and died of an heart attack shortly after his return to Belgium, leaving a controversial but original body of theoretical work, which thiiart to this day Guillaume Faye, the preacher of Eurosiberia, and Alexander Dugin, the prophet of Eurasia.

The plan of this work was composed of fifteen chapters, every one of which was divided into a lot of paragraphs.

It is evident, as a child of the s and 60s, that thiriarh first years of life unfolded in an era where we wanted to throw everything away. To bypass the impediment of Yalta, Thiriart tiriart that we needed seek allies across the Mediterranean and in the East of the vast Soviet territorial mass: Not only concering Europe but the world.

He remained in jail for some years and, when he was free, the judge decided to forbid him to write. But Giorgio Freda is above all a man of the text. The Zionist lobby never forgave him. By I had already excluded the concept of a Europe against the Soviet Union.


Ripristina la tua parola d’ordine. Challenging the thirkart concept of the nation inherited from the nineteenth century, which falls under a determinism that is ethnic, linguistic, or religious, he prefers the concept of a dynamic nation: Thiriart moved towards National Bolshevism and in later life he worked closely with such exponents of this idea as Aleksandr Dugin. We refuse legal Europe. Localism is also a theme that often reoccurs in your recent books.

Jean Thiriart, the Machiavelli of United Europe | Counter-Currents Publishing

In his book he describes, logically, what Europe would, in fact, become from onwards, notably that both Italy and Germany would be unified countries. In fact, wealth is useless without the unity and the power of the nation. We must consider unification to be the principal nean of all those who fight for the same cause. Jean Thiriart, the Machiavelli of United Europe.

Then Rome, Bari, Brindisi, Catanzaro. Eurasia — Rivista di studi geopolitici. The ability of a nation to make war is measured according to its ability to jran wealth. The local plutocracy, entirely in the hands of the United States, restored colonial capitalism. Thus to return to grandeur and power, Europe should be unified. Would you like to make a declaration of particular subjects?