Sun SeeBeyond Java™ Composite Application Platform Suite (Java CAPS). This chapter provides a The following documents provide additional information. Java CAPS Release Documentation Center. Sun Microsystems, Inc. Network Circle. Santa Clara, CA U.S.A.. Part No: – September. Java CAPS Documentation Centers. Java CAPS Release 6 Update 1 Documentation Center, HTML · PDF. Java CAPS Release Documentation Center.

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Do not abbreviate the following instructions by running asadmin and then entering all command at the asadmin prompt. Select Register Local Default Domain, and select the domain you just created. You need to install the runtime pieces for new domains manually. What You Need to Know The following topic provides a brief overview of the installation process: API Documentation Javadocs for all Repository-based components can be viewed jjcaps downloaded from the following location: Understanding the Business Rules Method Palette.

AdminUser is the administrator username admin, by default.

Configuring WebLogic for Asynchronous Communications. Enter the administrator login credentials when prompted. Configuring Batch Adapter Heuristic Properties. Configuring Sun Master Indexes Repository.

Selecting one of the other options will add another step to the wizard. Right-click on Servers, and select Add Server. Click Next and then click Finish. Modify the properties in the file to match the properties of the new domain. Configuring File Adapter Environment Properties. After you create a new domain, you can add it to the Servers list on the NetBeans Services window so you can work with the new domain from NetBeans.


Java CAPS Domain and Runtime Installation (Java CAPS Domain and Runtime Installation)

To install the ETL Monitor, copy the file etlse-monitor. Designing Data Integrator Projects. About Sun Adapter for Oracle.

Using DB2 Connect Operations. To modify the JVM properties, do the following: About Sun Adapter for File. Maintaining Sun Master Indexes Repository.

For more information about create-domain options, see create-domain 1. Run each command separately as noted below to avoid any loss of information. Product Docz Changes from 5. Developing Sun Master Patient Indexes.

Select GlassFish V2 and enter a unique name for the domain.

Java CAPS Documentation

Right-click Service Engines, and then select Install. Launch NetBeans and open the Services window. Configuring the Sybase Adapter Environment Properties. This is typically your base port plus This creates the caps folder in the addons directory.

Configuring the Informix Adapter Environment Properties.

Java CAPS Release 6.2 Documentation Center

You can also specify the new values for the domain name, port number, and username on the command line. The Domain Admin Login Info window appears.


You can install the JBI components using any one or a combination of the following methods: To finalize the installation, you need to configure the JVM options for the new domain, and you can optionally install the ETL Monitor to monitor Data Integrator projects.

Turn off the Security Manager in the application server. Right-click Binding Components, and then select Install. Using the File Binding Component Tutorial. Sybase Adapter Connectivity Map Properties. The following documents are specific to Eocs Patient Index.

Click the Help button to determine which option to use. Remember to replace adminadmin and changeit with the actual passwords if you have changed them. Note — Jcps the –savemasterpassword option to encrypt and save the master password so you do not need to enter it for asadmin commands. However, the reference information continues to be relevant to the 6.