I have a pair of the a, been absolutely great, I have no issues on how they sound. For $ if they are all original jbl drivers, if you don’t. Buy JBL CROSSOVER W/INPUT PANEL A from Spectrum Audio. Shop for the latest Accessories, and Replacement Parts at 5 user reviews on JBL SRA. SRA, Full-Range PA Speaker Cabinet from JBL. For years I was searching for JBL SR or or (real.

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Especially for that price.


The 24dB crossover slope always sounded better to me than 48dB. For the record the OP should buy them if he doesn’t mind lifting them. Just one more point to consider I am the luckiest man in the world because I’m married to the most wonderful woman in the world!! The less is the weight, we can not have everything!

This is the real hp jbl and still no rfren hp custom as in Concur and not found in case of breakage!! I just listened to the speakers tonight, well I found myself in a pool jlb his ofno dynamics, soft, strong but no definition sucks for me today when we listen, and I mean LISTEN to the speakers today, nexo, LA, rcf Are they the best available? John Norris wrote on Thu, 09 December I had the same reaction but have never given their setting a try.


Listing – JBL SR A SPEAKERS W/ 2X15X1 – Detail – SPEAKERS –

The ‘s use different HF drivers then the ‘s but I might play around with that aggressive HF setting just to see how they react. I finally found one pair of team more with the rings to be suspended factory option which sounds devilishly good. Without hesitation whatsoever, I would do this choice with regard to the reputation bjl the brand and the ease of resale. Sound quality is subjective, level is not.

Did you find this review helpful? Also- they suggest you can let the lows “go all the way down” but I’ve always high passed 80Hz.

I did listen to evidence the system full concert halls, open air, every time people come and tell me that they rarely took snaps at this point as his! Yes, there are better sounding cabs, but not at that price. I have a pair of the a, been absolutely great, I have no issues on how they sound. Hard to find Used in good state, but Kbl not hesitate, go there with closed eyes, it’s really super stuff. jbo

We let our a’s go all the way down. When the high end is brought up you find that single cut at Hz does the trick. Log in Become a member. Hundreds of shows with good results.

They are heavy but get the job done when I need something with some volume. Sounds pretty good right out of the box with those settings. Sort by most recent most useful.


I find myself doing some serious cuts in the low mids myself like you describe. As an example, Joe, these speakers, which are listed in the LAB Marketplace, would give you far superior sound. Art Welter summed 4733z up very well.

JBL SRA « dimograph

I’ve worked in front of these cabinets for nearly 15 years when engineering for a local sound company. Hi Joe, Since these cabs are likely in the range of 15 years old, the odds are very strong that the s have been reconed at least once by now. I would happily mix on them. I always strap them down though- they’re very top-heavy. Proper power and DSP is key though.

If you don’t mind moving them I wouldn’t hesitate using them with crowds up to over top of 4 18″s I have many times without problems. I cost of Nexo and other L Acoustics assemblers products that sembl me on a long concert will not hold a charge, and run out of steam after 3 hours of concert.

I was surprised the first time I used it but I had always had a tendency to use more cuts in the low-end. If you know a local JBL “expert” available, it might be worthwhile to disassemble the cabs and pull the s to check the cones to see if they are OEM or aftermarket.