: Kytice: Czech & English Bilingual Edition (): Karel Jaromir Erben, Susan Reynolds: Books. : Kytice (): Karel Jaromir Erben: Books. únor Jediná básnická sbírka Karla Jaromíra Erbena vyšla pod titulem „Kytice z pověstí národních“ roku Její vznik však autor ohlašoval téměř.

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Mar 15, Nell rated it it was amazing.

Karel Jaromir Erben – one of the greatest of all Czech poets, now at last in English translation

The physical book is beautiful. A woman carrying her baby comes across a fairy barrow on her way to church and finds it is full of heaps of gold and silver. They pulled her to the bank, Secretly to lie Buried where footpaths cross In a field of rye.

Then, inhe went to Prague where he studied philosophy and later law. Three years he’s been lyingThe dead man, in his grave; On the mound that marks it Fresh green grasses wave. But among the ballads he found, there were some that seemed to him incomplete.

Often I’d find I’d get stuck and getting up and walking around actually helped it! These tales are full of darkness and violence true, for what is a fairy tale without spilled blood?

Zahor’s Bedprobably my favourite of the tales, features the various encounters between a priest and a flesh-eating forest spirit. I prayed a prayer that was not fitting: Erben was right up there with many modern authors, but also some of his contemporaries and people like Homer at the same level. Guilt alone stands firm.

Something fell—beneath the doorway Moisture trickles—tinged with red. Here a foot goes floating by, There a pale hand waves; That woman, poor lost soul, Goes to seek her grave! I can definitely recommend this book, so make sure you read it! We’ll start with the opening few lines of “The Water-Goblin”. I will never listen to Noon Witch the same way again!

The corpse, as he had risen before, Suddenly sprawled upon the floor, And all was quiet outside the room— The crowd had fled—and her evil groom. On the mound, grasses; At his head, a young oak grows; On that young oak-tree sits A small dove, white as snow.


This is where the girl has been carried away by her bridegroom, who, because she has prayed to the Virgin Mary to return him at any price, has come from beyond the grave. He became editor of a Prague’s newspaper in I have a quote here from another well-known 19th century Czech writer, Jan Neruda, who wrote of Erben – and I’ll paraphrase what he wrote here:. He had given music lessons in his youth and he went around very widely collecting all kinds of folk-songs and ballads, stories and local traditions.

Give me that living girl, I say! At those cries my blood will freeze— Mother mine, oh, dearest mother, Fear of him my heart does fill! There it sits, there it sits With its plaintive coo; Everyone who hears it feels His heart will break in two.

Every Czech school child at the age of about ten will learn these lines by heart:. So even though this is a Chzech book, I’m going to write this review in English, because I want as many people as possible to read this.

The stories are very original and beautifully written. Jul 25, Ada rated it it was amazing.

Kniha: Kytice – Karel Jaromír Erben |

And this she interprets as a presage of bad news. This is pretty melodramatic stuff. This is called “The Wild Dove”. Another suitor comes maromr and they get married, but gradually it is revealed that her first husband’s death was not accidental.

Im from Czech republic but I wouldnt mind reading this in English either.

Glow, moon, glow, That my thread may sew. We’ll end with another of the poems from “Kytice” – “The Bouquet”.

Kytice by Karel Jaromír Erben

But it just goes to show that behind the unique and lovely bookmaking that goes into the appearance of a Twisted Spoon book the publishers are content with giving their readers a tepid translation. But, on the other hand, my mother’s father’s mother is reputed to have been crazy. Kyticeusually translated into English as Bouquet jarom meaning something closer to A Handful of Wild-flowersis a collection of Czech folk-tales written in eerben verse.


The old mother opens the door and there lies a terrible sight: Two years later, inhe became archives’ secretary of the National Museum.

On the lake the storm is shrieking; In the storm the child screams shrill; Screams that pierce the soul with anguish, Then they suddenly fall still. While Twisted Spoon Press is great for bringing Eastern European literature into English and has published a few noteworthy publications, such as the poetry of Sandor Kanyadi, the Arsonist by Egon Hostovsky and Primeval by Olga Tokarczuk, the more I’ve read their publications the less impressed I’ve been of their output as a whole and have felt an aversion every time I see their books in a bookshop.

Never, though, could any stone Lie upon her frame, Heavy as the curse whose weight Rests upon her name!

The format is a little difficult to get used to, but Kytice is an astonishing piece of work on behalf of both the author, Karel Erben, and perhaps even more so, the translator, Susan Reynolds.

Published first published View all 5 comments. One of my favorite czech books. Just as she’s dipping her first dress into the water, the bridge collapses and she falls in – into a whirlpool – and then we see the goblin under his tree, clapping his hands in delight.

Here she takes to her heels and hides in the mortuary chapel, which is already occupied by a corpse. My grandfather also told of actually receiving coal in his stocking at Christmas. And kudos for in delivering them in their original, scary and even bizarre light. Sep 02, Zuzana rated it it was amazing Shelves: