Jagged Alliance Walkthrough VideosTotal number of 1 videos by TheHiddenObjectGuru (). Title, Duration, Date. Thoughts on: Rage! (PC Version). Got a Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire walkthrough, FAQ or Guide? Use the submission form, or email them as attachments to [email protected] FAQs/ Guides. 2. You don’t really need a walkthrough. You’re free to play the way you Check for.

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They have kagged marksmanship and amazing wisdom well Lynx hates Buzz and this can be a problem. Jagged Alliance 2 1. Once you have passed the moderation period think of it as a testyou will be able to post normally, just like all the other retards.

Later, other locations will appear on the map, such as SAM sites and the like, and some NPCs will mark locations on the map when they give you a quest. Yes, my password is: The Psycho attitude means you will occasionally overkill with burst-fire wasting ammobut it’s fun with FN-FALs and by end-game you will be glad you have it. Dec 19, Messages: Unfinished Business, that I played before obtaining JA2. It seems that you’re using an outdated browser. Jagged Alliance 2 – Wildfire unter Windows 8.


So what to do? I’m running the original CD version frompatched to 1.

Wildfire Walkthrough Guide :: Jagged Alliance 2 – Wildfire General Discussions

I don’t doubt it can be fun but I’ve never been bored enough of the original campaign to really try it for long. Shoot a fuel tank to make your own back door. ChromeFirefoxInternet Explorer or Opera. Iron out some stuff and it beats anything I’ve played since in that regard.

This is how a dictator took control.

Jagged Alliance 2 Retrospective Walkthrough

Jagged Alliance 2 Table of Contents Walkthrough. From StrategyWiki, the video game walkthrough and strategy guide wiki.

Nov 7, Messages: Getting on-side with the rebels and gaining control of the mines is also advised: They were jwgged as Sir-Tech. Experienced gives a better equipment to enemies, but it’s not bad since this means better loot.

I just want to relax and enjoy the nostalgia. Apr 21, Messages: So let’s talk about those next! Just don’t agonize over it.

The design and coding is a work of genius. To hold liberated sectors against the queen’s reprisals you will also need to train militia. Criticism of Renaissance RPGs based on degenerate current gen fads, trends and “sensibilities” are ignored. But yeah, just remember to max Wisdom in order to level your skills more quickly. When the game begins, Chivaldori has hired the player to remove Deidranna by whatever means necessary.


Watch as your mercs walk, run, crouch, get into a prone position and crawl along the ground, leap over fences, pull themselves onto rooftops and jump down or topple from them, wade in water, open and close doors and lids, casually spit on the ground etc.

Jagged Alliance 2 FAQs, Walkthroughs, and Guides for PC – GameFAQs

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I don’t use 1. So shut up about 1. Comments with “isms” are ignored.

For me personally I do it in this order: I also tend to prefer assault rifles to SMGs. As with my other walkthoughs this one can double as allisnce retrospective because there will be memories, nostalgia, and praise of virtues and criticism of flaws.