Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Vallee, Jacques. Wonders in the sky: unexplained aerial objects from antiquity to modern times and their. Wonders In The Sky – Unexplained Aerial Objects From Antiquity To Modern Times – Jacques Vallee, Chris Aubeck. by Jacques VallĂ© and Chris. Wonders in the Sky. Unexplained Aerial Objects From Antiquity to Modern Times. Available on Reviews of Wonders in the Sky: There have been.

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The first was snowy, the second fiery, the third bloody; which prefigured, as is thought, three succeeding evils: This magazine was one of the earliest publications about UFOs in Japan. When they moved, they went toward any one of four sku they did not turn aside when they went.

Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. This continued for ih considerable time, and at last, the spectators, stupefied, by fear and wonder, and ignorant of what it might portend, fled.

When I met Jacques Vallee for the first time at Esalen, almost 40 years after I read Passport to Magonia, it was truly a peak experience. Javques the other hand, the further back we go in time, the less man knew of what was in the sky.

Wonders in the Sky

Influenced by books and movies, most people have jumped to hasty conclusions: And the “craft” were described as flying shields, they flew ballee triangular formation.

Traditionally, the most authoritative of them is considered to be the 13 th century Franciscan Juan Gil Egidio de Zamora. Robert de Graytanes, Historia Dunelmensis.

On one occasion, as detailed in Chartruis’ Life of St. In fact, we could have stopped our work at the year and we would have presented a fair cross-section of phenomena gathered by modern authors under the label of ufology, including abductions and hard traces.


Inhumanist Conrad Wolffhartwho took the Greek name of Lycosthenes, edited the chronicle and added 36 illustrations from wood-cuts. Augustine doesn’t give a date, but 16th century ecclesiastical historian Cesare Baronius said it was A writer named Mantovano who obtained the information from a record dating back tonotes: Upon their authority and their accuracy jacqued our concept of history and our vision of the world.

Michael Schmicker rated it liked it Apr 16, Stories about strange beings and extraordinary events have always influenced us in an unpredictable fashion. The point is that from at least the time man started writing, from the very foundations of civilization, man was seeing things in the sky.

Part II, Myths, Legends, and Chariots ofthe Gods, draws the lessons from the larger body of physical data that has jacquss to form man’s view of the universe. So much for Stephen Hawking’s “cranks and weirdos.

Afterwhile the sky is still somewhat pristine, research into unidentified aerial phenomena becomes more complex with the frequent reporting of balloons, “airships,” and the hoaxes typical of the new Western media, including competing journalists with blurred standards of accuracy.

Because of this sighting the place was called, in Latin, “Campus Stellae,” field of the star, a name that was later turned into Compostela.

For you will see it hanging from the sun-disk like a pipe. Large towns became real cities; in Europe, the feudal system stabilized society. Write a customer review. As noted by researcher Yannis Deliyannis, “it is interesting and unusual in medieval records.

Although it refers here to the shape of the sun itself, it is interesting to find that the basic disc shape often mentioned in art and ancient manuscripts has been quoted or misquoted as evidence of “flying saucers” by contemporary writers.

Wonders in the Sky: A Breakthrough in UFO Research | Indiegogo

Janine Vallee I will show wonders in the sky above, and signs on the earth beneath; blood, and fire, and billows of smoke. The next morning the servant found his stick immobilized and was unable to pick it up. Customers who bought this item also bought. That one, too, only was the size of a rain straw hat at first, and then it grew gradually.


This is an extensive compilation and the ajcques readily admit that many of the reports are EXTREMELY sketchy, or the information was published relatively recently with no mention of the original source.

Wonders in the Sky: Unexplained Aerial Objects from Antiquity to Modern Times

W May ,1 Hing, China Two flying Dragons fall into a Lake A strange phenomenon was witnessed in the fifth month of the year yih-wei, which corresponds with An examination of contemporary cults 20 centered on the belief in extraterrestrial visitations shows that the modern public is still willing to jump to conclusions every time a UFO incident is reported, anxious as people are to follow instructions that appear to come from above. All we can say is that they are consistent with modern descriptions of unidentified phenomena and the secondary effects woneers them.

Anthony rated it really liked it May 02, He heard the voice of the Solar Disc itself tell him that he was to build a new capital for Egypt, and give it the name Akhetaton, ‘The Horizon of the Jacquws Disc. And among these records we find accounts that still have no conventional explanation within today’s science.

Elijah was the only Old Testament prophet who did not die, but was said to be hacques up to heaven. Cassius Dio Cocceianus, Dio’s Rome: It is against one of these prejudices that he compiled “About Hail and Thunder”.