Ivan Drago will “kill you”. Try his workout. Just do not go around telling people you will “kill them”. How “Big Nasty” trained to take on the role of Ivan Drago’s son. Ivan Drago Soviet poster. Ivan Drago Training. Rocky punches Ivan Drago. Source: Workouts.

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His training is high-tech. Dumbbell Rear Lateral Raise 4 sets, 20,10,10,20 reps, Weighted Tricep Dip 3 sets, 20 reps, The rebuilding process actually is what makes your muscles larger and stronger. Seated Leg Curl 4 sets, 20,10,10,20 reps.

The Ivan Drago workout is not for the inexperienced lifter and it is not for someone who is not going to take care of their body and eat the right way.

Get Large iivan Strong Now!

Sparring with heavyweight Worrkout can be a little tiring, but great fun. Ivan Drago Power Workout The Ivan Drago Power workout is shorter than the other workouts with only seven exercises instead of 11 or Military Press 4 sets, 5,6,8,15 reps.

We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon. Rocky IV has one of the best training sequences in movie history. A post shared by Sly Stallone officialslystallone on Aug 15, at 7: Alternating Leg Jump Rope 1 sets, Squat 4 sets, 5,6,8,15 reps. Please drsgo a physician before beginning any diet plan, supplement regimen, or workout plan. Add that to the mix of not-so-subtle hints Sylvester Stallone has been dropping….


Incline Bench Press 5 sets, 8,6,4,4,12 reps, Perform your own Dolph Lundgren workout to look as good as Drago from Rocky. Barbell ab rollout and weighted decline sit up sets are until failure. Worjout is a product of the Soviet Union and their need for physical supremacy. So to see him return to the big screen after 32 years would be freaking amazing.

Dolph Lundgren “Ivan Drago” Weight Training for ROCKY IV | Rippeder

Ivan Drago Legs and Shoulders Workout. Set up your schedule and receive automatic reminders to stay on track and log your workouts on the web, iOS and Android.

Ivan was played by a super buff Dolph Lundgren. The Ivan Drago Push Dominated Workout can be done at home if you want a change of scenery from the gym.

Alternating Leg Jump Rope 3 sets, You may even need to take a few days off at some point. Full Hanging Leg Raise 3 sets, 25 reps, Seated Machine Calf Raise 4 sets, 20,10,10,20 reps. We really didn’t have anything like a nutrition plan back then but we did practice carb loading before every fight. Medicine Ball Ddrago Push-Up 3 sets, 20 reps. A post shared by Sly Stallone officialslystallone on Jun 26, at 2: Split routines let you target different muscle groups in each workout, letting the rest of your body recover and rebuild.

The stark contrasts of each of their training styles — and fighting styles — gives even more drama to the fight and to the storyline. Do not skip recovery days. Recovery time is extremely important not just to keep you from losing motivation due to fatigue, but also because your muscles need to rebuild. Lying Leg Curl 4 sets, 20,10,10,20 drafo.


Something Very wicked is coming this way… Sins of the Sons … dolphlundgren creed rockybalboa rockybalboa. Workiut were training a different muscles split, usually 2 muscle groups, and then we did 2 hours of boxing in afternoon. Seated Leg Curl 4 sets, 15,6,8,15 reps, Sylvester Stallone was very good with nutrition and he put me on a much higher protein diet with less carbs and less fat.

Specific medical advise should be obtained from a licensed health-care practioner. Leroy Colbert Workout Routine.

Ivan Drago Is Back?! Dolph Lundgren Posts Workout Video: ‘Getting Ready For Something Big!’

This routine pushes you to your max. You also hit the core with exercises like the plank and the alternating leg jump rope, which is another plyometric exercise.

But for this role it was different. The results of focusing on drafo, combined with the urgency of having to get in amazing shape in 4 weeks will be a ton of lost fat, and a crap load of lean muscle gained in a very short time.

There were a lot of changes from when I did martial arts.