IT – FUNDAMENTALS OF PERVASIVE COMPUTING computing – Pervasive computing and ubiquitous computing – Ambient computing – Pervasive. Subject Code & Name: ITFUNDAMENTALS OF PERVASIVE COMPUTNG Pervasive computing integrates computation into the environment, rather than . Subject Code & Name: ITFUNDAMENTALS OF PERVASIVE COMPUTNG Year / Sem: IV / VIII List and explain the applications of pervasive computing.

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Draw the architecture of Windows CE and explain it. What are the most important characteristics of pervasive environments? Each time a user moves to a new computng point, the system must reroute traffic. List the Technical Advantage of Mobile agents Bringing mobile, wireless and sensor networking technologies together towards a new computing paradigm.

Explain Call Establishment and maintenance. Enumeration-based – context is defined in terms of its various categorizations, Role-based – context is defined in terms of its role in context-aware computing. What are all the ways of data transfer in WPAN?


IT Fundamentals Of Pervasive Computing Question Bank (kings edition)

What is meant by beacon? Highly scalable- same bandwidth is consumed for all the mobile devices. What is mobile agent? To enable access to the fundamengals medium without interference.

Anna University Department of Civil Engineering B. What are the iy1452 needed for mobile IP? List the Location Based Routing Protocols 5. Discuss about Pervasive Vs Ubiquitous Computing. What are the characteristics of pervasive environment? Why we need wireless communication channel? Moves from machine to machine under its own control.

It is a software program. What are the requirements for the development of mobile IP standard?


Chat about in detail about Mobile agent systems. Anna University – B. What is cellular telephony? If a node needs to discover a route, it broadcast a route request with a unique identifier and the destination address as parameters.

Give explanation Sensor node architecture and Sensor network architecture. Response will come back. One computer calls procedures on another. Kings College Of Engineering Department: Define the term Gossiping. Explain Ambient computing in detail.


The master can collect the list of stations during the connection phase and can poll these slaves according to many schemes like round robin, random access, reservation schemes etc.

What are Data gathering sensor networks?

List the 5w of context. What is generic routing encapsulation? Fundamentals of Pervasive Computing Website: