General information. Basic information to identify the product. Method or tool name: ISO/IEC Management of information and communications. ISO/IEC INTERNATIONAL. STANDARD. ISO/IEC. First edition. Information technology — Security techniques — Management. STANDARD. ISO/IEC. First edition. Information technology — Security techniques — Management of information and communications.

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lso The annexes contain examples of information security Risk Assessment approaches as well as lists of possible threats, vulnerabilities and security controls. Regulatory compliance There is a given compliance of the product with international regulations.

Concepts and models for information and communications technology security management Source reference: The current version as of January Target organisations Defines the most appropriate type of organisations the product aims at. We also 13335 analytics. International organisation based in Switzerland Level of reference of the product Details about the type of initiator of the product International Standardization body: ISO Country of origin: I’ve read it More information.


For this reason, specific provisions cannot be quoted. Consultancy support Specify the kind of support available. Information security risk management. Used in EU member states: Trial before purchase Details regarding the evaluation period if any before purchase of the ifc. The standard is not free of charge, and its provisions are not publicly available. Method provides interfaces to other organisational processes: Method phases supported Risk identification: I’ve read it More information. Management of information and communications technology security – Part2: Not publicly available ISO standard, which can be voluntarily implemented.

The standard is a commonly used code of practice, and serves as a resource for the implementation of security management practices and as a yardstick for auditing such practices.


International organisation based in Switzerland. Organisation processes integration The method provides interfaces to existing processes within the organisation. We use cookies on our website to support technical features that enhance your user experience.


Compliance to IT standards There is a compliance with a national or international standard.

ISO/IEC 13335-2

Tools supporting the method List of tools that support the product. We also use analytics. Many Used in non-EU member states: Identification Specify the phases this method supports and a short description. Technical integration of available tools Particular supporting tools see C-7 can be integrated with other tools. This standard is currently under development; completion is expected for General information Basic information to identify the product.

ISO/IEC Standard — ENISA

Skills needed Specify the level of skills needed to use and maintain the solution. Maturity level of the Information system The product gives a means of measurement for the maturity of the information system security. Date of first release: Lifecycle Date of the first edition, date izo number of actual version.