This precipitated a trip to the Sanguine site, which then showed me that there is a revised version of Ironclaw that has been available since the. Book of , , MB. Book of , , MB. Ironclaw , , Ironclaw is a game made by furries, for furries and about furries. It takes place in a sort of feudal european fantasy setting. Basically Furcadia.

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I could go on forever about them.

So, is Ironclaw any good?

Complete and very useable. At one in the morning, a man begins to ponder things, like the meaning of life, and the relative quality of RPGs featuring anthropomorphic characters. But it can alienate anyone who wants to get things done quickly inside of combat.

You can get more buildpoints by purchasing Flaws. The experience reminded me of why I left traditional games several years ago. Both parties compare the highest single die in their pools.

Epidiah, is that art from the second edition? If you have any questions or comments regarding grading or anything else, please send e-mail to nobleknight nobleknight.

My opponent rolled poorly to resist my argument, but the bonus die he received to his roll because of the accusations thrown at me in a previous scene was the highest die rolled, beating even my oration. Every trait or skill is measured in dice: So let me ask you, what do you think is the strength in running an anthro game?


And fdition following thing happened all the time: The players take the role of adventurers plucked from the new irondlaw class. Mouseguard is by far the best of the one’s I’ve read, because it actually does make the fact you’e a mouse 2nr a lot.

The publisher tossed out some non-furry races to use with the game and setting, and the system and default setting survive removing the talking animals, but it’s not like anyone has a problem with furry people, right?

And yeah, I think I’m going to have to work on it eddition.

If I could justify it, I’d pick it up; system does seem a bit heavier than I normally prefer which makes it a harder purchase for me as well.

Ties result in a stalemate unless one actor has more skill dice not trait dice than the other, in which case the more skilled person wins. I fire from cover at an opponent, slightly out of range for my weapon. Like my mental image of a Bret who wants to play anthropomorphic animals is in black leather and has an evil moustache. Point Based allocate points to get skills, powers, etc.

RPG wonks say the mechanics and settings are worth investigating, but look at that cover art. Let me share a story with you about something that happens in real life and how IronClaw is aware of irpnclaw in ways many games aren’t.

Them’s my two cents. I like the idea of grabbing a bunch of dice of different sizes from different appropriate places and generating some kind of result. These also have an assigned die or dice that are ironcoaw be rolled when performing this action.


The continent is on the cusp of a change from editkon medieval period to the renaissance. Meanwhile, the nobles of Great Houses fight their petty wars for more power, and are not above using those below them as pawns in their game. The fluff describes why sorcerers are so rare: Wait, so completely gimped and not broken at all? I mean, what do you look for in a “good” one? If you were a trad gamer, perhaps you might like it.

The setting for Ironclaw is supposed to be low-to-medium magic, so the wizard-types are pretty gimped. Your character’s race may have some Gifts that come with it automatically, but this deducts from the ironlcaw points you can spend.

Player’s Book 2nd Edition.

Ironclaw – Squaring the Circle 2nd Edition The award winning, critically-acclaimed game is back! Body, Speed, Mind, Will, a race, and a primary career.

Ironclaw (Second Edition) | RPG | RPGGeek

Do something crazy like write a review or session report? Clearly I have captured a passion within me to argue this round. It’s fairly generic, but it has had success being bent in an anthro direction. The magic system comes Edittion flavoured, with each wizard having an inventory of practiced rote-spells, bought in “lists. Apart from the Great Noble Houses and their vassals, two other forces lay claim to territories in Calabria:. What’s more, several prey 2nf, like rabbits, can take advantage of this.