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Home Documents Citire micrometru. Post on Nov views. Forexample, it would take a six-piece set of micrometers to cover the range of a 6 caliper. Parts of citiire Outside MicrometerProper Use and Care for a MicrometerBe sure to unlock the locking lever before attempting to rotate the thimble.

Clean the measuring faces with a clean cloth before and after measurements.

Citire micrometru

It is also a good practice to occasionally clean the spindle to keep any contaminants from being drawn into the sleeve. Use thegrip on the thimble when requiring a large amount of travel but as you come close to closing in on the object to be measureduse the ratchet stop so as to not over tighten the thimble and give an erroneous reading.

Never leave a micrometer exposed inthe hot sun and then attempt a measurement. This would also lend to an erroneous reading.

Citire micrometru – [PDF Document]

When a micrometer is at itsminimum reading the horizontal line on the sleeve should line up with the 0 on the thimble.

If that is not the case it will benecessary to calibrate the micrometer by rotating the sleeve. Each micrometer comes with a half moon adjusting wrench forthis purpose.

To make the adjustment simply puzzle the wrench to the side of the spindle and insert the small tip into theleverage hole. It will not require invatrae effort to turn the spindle however there is sufficient resistance in the spindle so that itwill never move on its own.


Larger micrometers are supplied with standards to check for correct calibration. When checking,be sure to hold the standard squarely between the anvil and spindle. Cirire help with this try rotating the standard slightly withyour fingers while gently turning the thimble as you close rapifa on the standard. How to read an outside micrometerClick to go to 1. The pitch of the screw thread on a standard spindle is 40 threads per inch.

The reading line on the sleeve is divided into 40 equal parts by vertical lines that correspond to the number of threads on thespindle.

Every fourth line, which is longer than the others, designates0. The beveled edge of the thimble is divided into 25 equal parts with each line representing 0.

To read the micrometer inthousandths, multiply the number of vertical divisions visible on the sleeve by 0. How to read a micrometer graduated in 0. Past that there are three additional sub-divisions, which is 3 x.

citire si invatare rapida pdf download – PDF Files

Lastly the graduation 1 on thethimble is the closest to the central long line on the sleeve therefore 1 x 0. The reading thus would be 0. How to Read an Outside Micrometer Graduated in 0.

Many micrometers ditire a vernier scale on the sleeve in addition to the regular graduations. This allows measurementswithin 0. The additional digit of these micrometers is obtained by finding the line on the sleeve that best coincides with the line on thethimble. The number of this coinciding vernier line represents the additional digit.

This next example uses a 1 to 2 micrometer shown with the 1 standard. The horizontal scale on the sleeve is marked with graduations every. Invaatare 4th graduation starting after0 is numbered consecutively. These numbers represents 0. The vertical scale graduations on the thimble represent. Every 5th graduation is numbered for clarity. The vertical scale graduations on the sleeve represent. This is the vernier scale. Length of the standard – 1.


The number of thousandths on the vertical scale of the thimble – between 5 and 6 therefore. Another example in inches using a 0 to 1 micrometer: One revolution of the thimble advances thespindle face toward or away from the anvil face precisely 0.

The reading line on the sleeve is graduated above the centrallong line in millimeters 1. Each millimeter is also divided in half 0. The beveled edge of the thimble is divided into fifty equal parts, with each line representing0. Thus, the number of ra;ida and half-millimeter divisions visibleon the sleeve plus the number of hundredths of a millimeter indicated by the thimble graduation, which coincides with thecentral long line on the sleeve, give the reading.

Micrometer thimble reading 5. It is also past the next graduation on the lower side of the scalethus an additional 0.

Thereading then would be 5. It is reading about the same as the previousexample however a more accurate reading can be obtained with this vernier scale.

The 31 graduation on the thimble lines upbest with the. Thus the reading would be 5. For accurate readings on all precision measurements it is important to hold the work piece squarely with the measuring tool. Consider purchasing a micrometer stand that can serve as a third hand. A stand can greatly improve the accuracy of ameasurement and actually speed up the process especially when measuring parts repetitiously.