De todos los prebióticos, se sospecha que la inulina HP y el sinergil (30% oligofructosa y 70% de inulina) son los que mantienen una relación más estrecha con. La Inulina, Los Fructooligosacáridos (FOS), los trans-GOS, la lactulosa y el . sin embargo, sólo la mezcla de oligofructosa (GP 4) e inulina (GP 25) mostró una. Many translated example sentences containing “inulina u oligofructosa” el producto contiene inulina y oligofructosa extraídas de la achicoria.

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Nutr J Dec;6: Metabolism of fructooligosaccharides by Lactobacillus paracasei Biopreservation by Lactobacillus paracasei inulinx coculture with Streptococcus thermophilus in potentially probiotic and synbiotic fresh cream cheeses. Mechanisms underlying the effects of inulin-type fructans on calcium okigofructosa in the large intestine of rats.

Diet, fecal water, and colon cancer–development of a biomarker. The aqueous extracts were standardized for inulin content by using a fructose standard method and a validated analytical technique.

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Beneo, Orafti y Orafti Synergi1 – Tech Press

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Enriched chicory inulin increases calcium absorption mainly in girls with lower calcium absorption. Experiments have demonstrated that the association between inulin and oligofructose can prevent colitis by modifying the intestinal microflora by acting as a prebiotic.

Effect of inulin-type fructans of different chain length and type of branching on intestinal absorption and balance of calcium and magnesium in rats.

Beneo, Orafti y Orafti Synergi1

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Prebiotics and their effect on calcium bioavailability

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