INTRODUCCION A LOS SERVICIOS SOCIALES by CARMEN / FERNANDEZ GARCIA, TOMAS ALEMAN BRACHO at – ISBN . Buy Introducción a los servicios sociales by Carmen [et al. ] Alemán Bracho, Tomás Fernández García (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Search results. 9 results for Books: “Carmen Alemán Bracho” by Carmen Alemán Bracho and José María Alonso Seco Introducción a los servicios sociales.

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La Memoria De Nuestra Tierra: La Memoria de Nuestra Tierra combines a meticulously hand-painted landscape with historic photographs in a seamless blend imprinted on the holographic-like surface of a metallic coated substrate.

The mural for the Denver International Airport, entitled La Memoria de Nuestra Tierra is a breakthrough in digital murals, printed digitally on a…. An analysis of academic introruccion of college faculty at the eight campuses of Chile’s Universidad Tecnica del Estado was conducted.

Activities were grouped into seven categories: Memoriaone of the original five canons of rhetoric, has been described as a lost art. While carjen memorization and presentation of classic speeches was an important component of rhetorical training that “persisted through the middle ages,” it receives no more than a brief mention usually in the sections outlining different brqcho of….

Techno-Velcro to Techno- Memoria: Technology, Rhetoric, and Family in the Composition Classroom.

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Guests participating in “Techno-velcro to Techno- memoria ” add their voices to create a rich resource of techno-rhetorical connections. Our guest-collaborators remember and describe….

Strategic Planning for Institutions of Higher Education: Ten-year development plans of each of the eight campuses of the Universidad de Santiago de Chile, formerly called Universidad Tecnica del Estado, are evaluated, using content analysis. In addition to narrative descriptions, diagrams illustrate the features of each plan, which covers the period Topics covered by the plans were grouped….

This article analyzes Jose Leon Machado’s novel, ” Memoria das Estrelas sem Brilho,” as a multilayered historical novel in bbracho a war story provides a background for comments on aspects of early twentieth-century Portuguese society, such as male bonding, religion, sexual mores, and social stratification. Recently, a few buildings within the “Espacio para la memoria ” in Buenos Aires have been designated as a UNESCO Alemaj where, amongst other educational activities, evidentiary materials of the past repression are to be stored and displayed.

Another building in the complex houses a Community Centre operated by the Mothers of the Plaza de…. Contribuciones tecnicas para la medida de la brach electromagnetica de microondas. Estudio en diversas poblaciones. La contaminacion ambiental por campos electromagneticos ha resultado ser en estos ultimos anos uno de los problemas mas acuciantes del panorama tecnologico y de salud publica. Introdduccion el primero de los casos porque las inversiones realizadas son enormes y en el segundo porque cada vez es mayor el numero de articulos, “technical reports” e informes medicos que afirman la existencia de una cierta causalidad, aunque sea debil, entre los campos electromagneticos y ciertos cuadros sintomatologicos.

En esta memoria presentamos un ale,an del trabajo realizado durante los ultimos anos en la medida de la contaminacion electromagnetica ambiental serviccios a las comunicaciones inalambricas.

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En ella se recogen los fundamentos fisicos y propiedades de las ondas electromagneticas, la tecnologia empleada en los sistemas de telefonia celular y los antecedentes relativos a la investigacion de la interaccion de las ondas electromagneticas con organismos vivos. Se desarrolla un procedimiento de medida que ha conducido a la elaboracion de los primeros “mapas de radiofrecuencia” similares, en el aspecto descriptivo, a los mapas de ruido desarrollados en el area de la contaminacion acustica.

Por ultimo, se analiza la respuesta subjetiva de los residentes, personas que viven en el entorno de cobertura de las estaciones base de telefonia movil y que se ven sometidos a determinados niveles de radiacion electromagnetica, con el fin de situar este fenomeno al nivel que le corresponde en el ambito de la respuesta subjetiva ciudadana.

It was a section in Mining Committee of PAN, whose operation range included widely understood issues of automation, telecommunication and informatics in mining industry. The main operation method of the Section was to organize the periodic conferences dedicated to issues of control systems in mining. The first conference took place in in Katowice. The paper presents pro memoria over 40 year long conference output of this Section that functioned within the scope of operation of Mining Committee of PAN up to 12th January Federal Register, A scientific theory of Ars Memoriae: Spatial view cells in a continuous attractor network with linked items.


The art of memory ars memoriae used since classical times includes using a well-known scene to associate each view or part of the scene with a different item in a speech. This memory technique is also known as the “method of loci. Given that the CA3 cells with their extensive recurrent collateral system connecting different CA3 cells, and associative synaptic modifiability, form an autoassociation or attractor network, the spatial view cells with their approximately Gaussian view fields become linked in a continuous attractor network.

As the view space is traversed continuously e.

Given that each spatial view has been associated with a different discrete item, the items are recalled in the correct order, with none missing. This is the first neuroscience theory of ars memoriae. The theory provides a foundation for understanding how a key feature of ars memoriaethe ability to use a spatial scene to encode a sequence of items to be remembered, is implemented.

At the second Transborder Library Forum, participants from the United States and Mexico gathered to discuss topics of international librarianship.

The proceedings include the following sections: These public service announcement files can be freely downloaded for use in training, audio broadcasts, etc. Its main effort has been to integrate Bolivia’s 3. Estimates the earnings impact of an extensive inservice training program in the developing world, Colombia’s Servicio Nacional de Aprendizaje SENAthrough a comparison of nongraduates’ and graduates’ earnings profiles. Teenage pregnancies in Mozambique: The purpose of this article is to provide insights into the demand for pregnancy-related health services by adolescent girls and young women in Mozambique.

These registers provide details of the service demands of, and services provided to the 8 adolescent girls and young women who accessed the 6 SAAJ clinics in Being pregnant or having been pregnant previously was associated with dropping out of school. A minority of the girls and women who were pregnant or had been pregnant previously agreed to HIV testing and counselling.

Notwithstanding the limitations for analysis, the results were alarming: However, as the first empirical assessment of pregnancy-related service demand amongst adolescent girls and young women in the country and involving a relatively large sample, we contend that this study affirms the need for expansion of sexual and reproductive health SRH services, including HIV services, for adolescent girls and young women in Mozambique.

Actitudes de los candidatos y maestros de ciencias en servicio acerca del uso de las herramientas computadorizadas en las clases de ciencias. Este estudio examino y comparo las actitudes de los candidatos a maestros de ciencias y los maestros de ciencias en servicio acerca de la utilizacion de las herramientas computadorizadas en las clases de ciencias.

servicios memoria tecnica: Topics by

Tambien identifico y diferencio el uso que ellos dan a estas herramientas en las clases de ciencias. Este estudio presenta un diseno descriptivo exploratorio. Constituyeron la muestra trescientos diez sujetos que fueron candidatos a maestros de ciencias o maestros de ciencias en servicio.

Para recoger los datos se construyo y valido un cuestionario de treinta y un itemes. Se utilizaron las pruebas estadisticas no parametricas Kruskal Wallis y Chi-cuadrado test de homogeneidad para establecer las diferencias entre las actitudes de los sujetos con relacion al uso de las herramientas computadorizadas en las clases de ciencias.

Los hallazgos evidenciaron que son positivas y muy parecidas las actitudes de los candidatos a maestros y maestros en servicio hacia el uso de las herramientas computadorizadas.

No hubo diferencias entre los candidatos y maestros en servicio en terminos de las actitudes de confianza y empatia hacia el uso de las herramientas computadorizadas en las clases de ciencias.

En aspectos como el uso del banco de datos bibliografico Eric y el uso de las herramientas computadorizadas en actividades educativas como explorar conceptos, conceptuar, aplicar lo aprendido y hacer asignaciones hubo diferencias estadisticamente significativas entre los candidatos y los maestros en servicio.

Al comparar las frecuencias observadas con las esperadas hubo mas maestros en servicio y menos candidatos que indicaron usar el anterior banco de datos y las herramientas computadorizadas en las mencionadas actividades educativas. On SeptemberMexico experienced two significant inslab earthquakes with only 11 days apart from each other. Both caused severe damage in the epicentral states: In this laeman, we present the various aspects of the performance of the SSN and the results obtained real-time and the days after.

The first earthquake occurred on 8 September within the Gulf of Tehuantepec. The SSN estimated its magnitude as Mww8. Forty days later, it has had more than aftershocks with magnitudes larger than 2. The mainshock seemed to have triggered seismicity in central Mexico, an effect previously observed by Singh et al. Barely 11 days had passed since this major quake. The SSN was in the middle of an intense aftershock sequence and conducting several outreach activities due to the anniversary of the 19 September Mw8.


SSN located its epicenter at the border of the states of Morelos and Puebla and estimated its magnitude as Mww7. In this case, SSN identified only eight aftershocks, which was a similar behavior for previous inslab earthquakes in the region. Important aspects that these events have highlighted are the media and social network responses. Immediately after the first quake, SSN faced misinformation due to viral videos and social media messages predicting massive earthquakes and their relation to a solar storm that took place days before.

Outreach to the public and the media became essential. Chorioretinitis sclopetaria from BB ex memoria. Chorioretinitis sclopetaria presents a characteristic pattern of choroidal and retinal changes caused by a high velocity projectile passing into the orbit, in close proximity to the globe. While it is unlikely that a patient should completely forget the trauma causing such damage, preserved or compensated visual function may blur the patient’s memory of these events over time.

Characteristic physical findings help to clarify the antecedent history. Despite the lack of an acknowledged history of ocular trauma or surgery, in our case, the characteristic ocular findings discovered alekan presentation allowed for recognition of the underlying etiology.

Because of good visual function, the patient had completely forgotten about the trauma that occurred 12 years earlier. Strabismus surgery was performed for treatment of the presenting symptomatic diplopia. The pathognomonic findings in chorioretinitis sclopetaria are invaluable in correctly diagnosing this condition, especially when a history of ocular trauma is unavailable. Los mitos como memoria colectiva de Los Pueblos. Myths are essentially something practical that allows those who believe in them to solve any ambiguity which could come carmfn in their relation with nature.

Since they bring information about the condition of the reality to which they belong, they are but the appropriate instrument to insert nature into culture by actually achieving an adaptation to the environment. The purpose of this essay is to show how the deification of plants, animals, and stars, which are present in the brachp lives of “Amerindian” people, not only constitutes a source of rich mythology but also turns out to be an effective measure towards the continuity of social groups.

Similarities or identifications between human life and the life of plants, animals and stars as well as mutual interplay are somehow present in those myths: On this base, mythology can provide not only keys to show how certain human groups have achieved qleman adaptation to the environment and how the different social systems and their relations to nature have developed, but introdjccion hints of changes which have taken place in other heavenly spheres such as the falling of meteors, the appearance of comets or any other significant events of this kind in the lives of these groups.

Memories of Astronomy Education in Brazil: Clippings from the Discourses of Interviewed Servifios on the Subject. This paper presents a historical retrospective concerning data from a research in Astronomy Education in Brazil, after It was organized on the basis of the speech analysis of national researchers considered references in this field by their peers.

Furthermore, it was elaborated on the basis of other studies from the areas of Science Education, Physics and Astronomy. This historical overview was developed in order to facilitate understanding of the contexts in which the interviewed researchers have developed professionally.

Moreover, we attempted to recover the memory of the growing field of research in Astronomy Education in the country. We believe that the history presented can help those trying to understand the past xarmen an attempt to resolve current and future demands.