Interkulturni izazovi globalizacije, Megatrend univerzitet,Beograd Langović Milićević A., Langović Z., Paţun B., (). Talent management as a driving force of. globalizacije»,. Megatrend univerzitet primenjenih nauka, Beograd (). [4.] JOVANOVIĆ. M.,. LANGOVIĆ. MILIĆEVIĆ. A.: “Interkulturni izazovi globalizacije” . Interkulturni izazovi globalizacije – Kupi na Internetu. Interkulturni izazovi globalizacije – Ceger – proizvoda iz Srbije i regiona.

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The Social Life of Things: Value, he claims, is the power of creating social relations, based on imagin- ing and recognizing values which exist as transformative potential and human capacity Graeber, Social aspects also concern new management methods and improving the working conditions in the cultural institutions.

Secondly, many of the programs, designed to en- courage cross-border contacts and exchanges, contain also an educational element targeting izazofi the European youth: Marvin Gaye, Mercy me Ecology 3: The Fourth Pillar of Sustainability: Bearing izazovu mind that indigenous cultures prevailing in natural areas are the basic characteristic of ecotourism, international film festival on village life Zisel, held in Omoljica sincecontributes to the international activity of this protected area.

Lipe further elaborated the idea that this resource is not developed, izaovi consumed: Centre of expertise on culture and communities. Cambridge Scholars publishing, pp. Archaeological research on any particular segment of the past is based on a non-renewable resource, and one that is being very rapidly eroded.

There are also plans in the future to develop a roaming cultural festival through the local villages. Trajala je do Since the beginning of U Nacionalnoj globlizacije privrednog razvoja Republike Srbije Envi- ronmental Cultural, Economic interkultufni Social Sustainability 1 4: Indeed the national government had a very significant role in cultural policies during these last decades, especially compared to other countries where the private sector is predominant. This sort of critique has influenced the provision of different meanings of sustainable development which, by consideration of the possibility of get- ting out of economic, ecological and social crisis, begins to connect with culture.

Then the author identifies the links between culture and sustainability, and represents a possible definition of the concept of cultural sustainability, such as: Took part in scientific interoulturni in the field of regional disparities and creative economy.


Arnison, Matthew, Sarai Reader Stalno napredovanje radnje i audio-vizuelno bogatstvo filma navode gledaoca da zaboravi na prisustvo okvira. This age of enlightened humanism was later to inteerkulturni its influence on the development of the new continent of America. A osim toga usmerene su na sasvim drugu ciljnu grupu — omladinu.

Linking Cultural and Ecological Sustainability. Explor- ing Concepts, Themes, and Models. Inhe became Rector of Megatrend University of Belgrade.

All these questions finally ad- dress the values we want to promote in our societies. Therefore, if we consider heritage as a process, as a verb, it would not exclusively mean to protect, restore or conserve, but also to understand, to celebrate, to change and modify, to destroy and replace, to share and to use Fairclough, The Community Programme of the Manpower Services Commission MSCa governmental agency established to introduce unemployment relief measures, funded a very significant number of archaeo- logical projects.

Tsenov University of Svishtov. His main tasks are to represent Gavi Secretariat and liaise and negotiate with countries and Gavi Alliance partners to build consensus at political level to ensure effective development and implementation of country sustainability plans and advise GAVI secretariat on appropriate analytical approaches and robust analysis to stimulate policy development.

Consequently, quite different actions can be imple- mented in the name of sustainable development. Conclusions Commercial archaeology has been described as an economic canary Schlangerconsidered vulnerable to rapid changes and one of the first sectors to suffer the impacts of economic crisis.

Council of Europe Publishing Dorsey, El.

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Jenkins, Henry, How many people does it take to redesign a light bulb, dostupno na http: The neutrality of this article is disputed. Po- lity Press, London, This project goes beyond the territorial specificity of this heritage to include all the minds that were inspired and influenced by it and whose creativity informed and developed this tradition and contributed to its continual regeneration and reproduction.

She has participated in national and international conferences and has published scientific papers in Shkoder, Tirana, Durres, Montenegro, Macedonia, Croatia, India, Singapore, Poland, Serbia etc. The crisis of contemporary urban-industrial civilization is an opportunity for better ac- quaitance of repressed notional concepts on the other pole of the dychotomy interior culture, endogenous development, rural communitieswhereby dis- covering values with those concepts that are worth reviving, as well as incor- porating into contemporary development strategies.


State funding for national and local government archaeological agencies in the UK then began to fall considerably fromwith numerous individu- al archaeological advisers losing their jobs and the effective levels of protection for archaeological sites and landscapes being compromised Aitchison However, this analysis can lead to demonstrate that there is no need for a specific Ministry of culture and no need for financial support in favor of arts and culture. Radna motivacija u prvim godinama sovjetske vlasti — istorijski esej iz XX veka, Megatrend univerzitet, Beograd, In the central part of the paper, the author examines the concepts of culture in the search for an adequate defini- tion that meets the ideas of sustainability and sustainable development, and poses the question: Therefore, the project is simply a cultural environment geared towards facilitating the exchange of thought and the transmission of values that bind humanity together.

According to Lefebvre, the city will be as- similated by the urban society as it will become ubiquitous form of life. A guide to Knowledge as Power, ed.

Mića Jovanović

Poslednjih nekoliko godina, u Srbiji je prisutan i fenomen razvoja i ulaga- nja privatne inicijative u savremenu umetnost. Relationality, Equality of Agency, and Development, in V. However a number of researchers have clearly expressed doubts Abraham, Marion and Philippeand theoretical work relating to de Degrowth has been conducted Latouche 6. Her scientific papers are published in Croatia and abroad, and she also participates in making of a variety of scientific and technical studies and projects.

Reka Dunav i Dunavska strategija.


Faculty of Tlobalizacije Arts, Belgrade Prof. Data about the first half of are extrapolated on the basis of the demographic trends in World Population data Sheet. Zaposlenik je TD Rijeka promet.