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The spectrometer has been designed with a minimum number of components so that the students may have acquittance with both the spectrometer, through block diagrams, and the small numbers of existent components. Another restriction factor is the discrepancy of the radiological image the kidneys stones camped in the patient, surrounded by the organs and interposed bone structures, and gotten her through the analysis of the fragments expelled after the accomplishment of Fraccionws, which present great variety of granulations.

En esto interviene el estado vibracional asf inttegracion el grado de hidratacion de las moleculas de ADN.

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ADN esta relacionada con el intervalo de accion de los efectos indirectos, que para el C. For such structure, the exchange integrals between the nearest magnetic layers separated by different slabs may have different values, while the next-nearest neighbor exchange integral is the same for all magnetic layers. Por otra parte, el modelo numerico paciales comparo con los resultados experimentales obteniendo aproximaciones aceptables tanto en magnitud como en comportamiento.

Among such multiferroics, an interesting special class is the orthorhombic manganites with perovskite structure. Methods of calculus for neutron spectrometry in proportional counters; Metodos de calculo para espectrometria de neutrones en contadores proporcionales.

Participaron alumnos, de las facultades de educacion y ciencias naturales. This work aims to calculate the environmental cost for the alternative sources of energy – solar, wind and biomass – during electricity generation, and to estimate the economic feasibility of those sources in small communities of Northeast Brazil, considering the avoided costs. This paper presents a theoretical analysis of the turbulent air flow with real conditions of insulation inside a solar chimney.


Response functions for cylindrical proportional counters with hydrogenated gases have been determined, taking in account only wall effect, by means of two independent calculus methods. Shielding calculations using computer techniques; Calculo de blindajes mediante tecnicas de computacion.

Los rayos gamma de captura se detectaron con un contador de centelleo. The second paper in this series discusses several cases of interaction among the fresh water aquifer, the sea, the sea water-fresh water interface and oil contamination. The conductivity values increase with glycerol concentration with maximum at 7. Theoretical principles; Radon y Tritio en la identificacion y cuantificacion de la contaminacion por hidrocarburos LFNA en las aguas subterraneas.

Thermal efficiency of Duovent array glassing; Eficiencia termica de arreglos de vidrios Duovent.

Radiological feacciones aims to limit the ionizing radiation received by people and equipment, which in numerous occasions requires of protection shields. The final results were obtained in a very simple and fast way, and they show the good accuracy of the method. Additional perspectives regarding possible challenges in understanding the multiferroicity of RMn 2O5 as a generalized scenario are discussed.

Este parametro podria ser una parcciales estandar o un intervalo de integracjon. Calculo de tanque de PRFV de litros de capacidad. The objective of this study was to identify organic P species present in humic acids by NMR 31P analysis in a fine clay Fluventic Eutrochrepts in Campos dos. States that, internationally, Professional Technical Education emerges as a method of providing educational solutions for poor sectors of the population.

We present high-temperature powder x-ray diffraction data of the orbital-order-induced structural distortion of RMn O3, with R a rare earth element.

The soported main load is the pressure caused by the column ofwater.

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The physical properties and microstructure of commercial refractories were analyzed, considering the differences between them and the quality implications and probable life of the refractory. This paper presents a sugarcane exergy calculation, carried out considering the material as constituted by dry fiber and juice, being the last one that includes all the sucrose and water present in sugarcane. This paper presents a model for systematic and structured impact rfacciones of the uncertainties existent in the load powers, on the spot prices on the various bars of a electric power system.


This method has been applied to an angio Radiology procedure: Se exponen los principios de esta teoria de Aproximacion y se examina su relacion fracciomes las anomalias de Kohn en pzrciales curvas de dispersion fononica.

The interdependence of the supply and demand for money The solute transport parameters were related to the free energy of the corresponding cations and anions.

In this paper, a study is presented to define how to estimate the pre consolidation pressure by using several methods.

Podemos realizar una buena estimacion de la incertidumbre concentrando el esfuerzo en las mayores contribuciones. Calculation of uncertainties; Calculo integrcaion incertidumbres.

Esta tecnica exige disponer de una fuente de suficiente intensidad y de un detector eficaz debido a la brevedad del ciclo de trabajo escasa anchura de las rafagas para la resolucion del tiempo de moderacion y amplio intervalo entre los. The so-called multiferroics, materials that concomitantly exhibit more than one ferroic order, have in recent years attracted much attention owing to their possible applications in high density data storage, high sensitivity ac magnetic field sensors and novel spintronic devices.

In particular, multiferroics with strong magnetoelectric coupling are more attractive. Despite this great success, NMR is seldom used as a tool in industrial applications. Thickness calculation software of the thermal insulation in facilities using thermal solar energy; Software para el calculo de espesores del aislante termico en instalaciones de aprovechamiento de energia solar termica. Brazilian meeting on magnetic resonance; mini-course in NMR.