Rasāyana, रसायन is a Sanskrit word, with the literal meaning: Path (āyana) of essence (rasa). It is a term that in early ayurvedic medicine means the science of lengthening lifespan, and in later (post 8th-century) works sometimes refers to Indian alchemy. The name of the science of Indian alchemy or proto-chemistry, is more. In Indian Alchemy Dr. Mahadihassan attempts to elucidate the point that Alchemy is a science through which the higher states of being reveal themselves with. INDIAN ALCHEMY OR RASAYANA- IN THE LIGHT OF ASCETICISM AND GERIATRICS Subsequent Edition by Mahdihassan S from Only Genuine.

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Velankar of Bombay, a renowned Indologist, It may be incidentally remarked that the treatment accorded to the stems of Ephedra would be quite different to that of a mushroom so that the juice extracted from the latter cannot be had in the manner described in Vedic literature. It indisn often been debated if Elixir was a powder or a liquid.

Indian Alchemy Or Rasayana By S. Mahdihassan

And each, Ferti- lity and Reproductivity, is an incarnation of Creative Power. Putrefaction, judged rasayzna what actually follows it, is growth. There are five different wells but the most important well exists in the northern well, where the mercury is red and considered the purest.

Recalling our previous interpre- tation: Alcjemy a mineral was made up of a body and soul. What was alchemy to begin with, and the same later on, 2. We have said earlier that growth is life. Alcuemy Bibliographies Online is available by subscription and perpetual access to institutions. Accessible through university research libraries. The current Rasayan formulas are based on such ingredients as amla Emblica officinalis which, if fresh, has high content of vitamin CTerminalia belericaTerminalia chebulaShilajit, Long pepperBlack pepperGingerprocessed GuggulGuduchiAshwagandaShatavari and similar ingredients.


Tantric alchemists associate mercury rasa fluid metal with Siva’s semen. Rasayana therapy enriches rasa with nutrients to help one attain longevity, memory, intelligence, health, youthfulness, excellence of luster, complexion and voice, optimum development of physique and sense organs, mastery over phonetics, respectability and brilliance. Alchemy started as an offshoot of such herbalism; it produced herbo-metallic preparations, with soul from a plant as the active principle.

Geldner, on pure literary evidence, concluded that it was Ephedra.

Indian Alchemy or Rasayana : In the Light of Asceticism and Geriatrics

The Chinese later used minium or red oxide of lead, and finally cinnabar, red sulphide of mercury. And aalchemy is self-generating really means self-reproducing, besides self-growing, which is the feature of all plants. The first step the practitioner takes involves the repetition of the mantra called the mercurial goad one hundred thousand times at the doorkeeper at the beginning of worship. Thus there were three synonyms in Greek, Chemeia, a loan word directly taken from Arabs, of Chinese origin, Chumeia a translation from the Sanskrit Rasayana and Chrusozomion irec y translated from the Chinese with those visiting Alexan ri about A.

Then the gold-making soul changed a base metal into gold by entering into the latter with the resultant as soul-in- gold or arsayana now as the alhemy of Growth-soul. Potions of freshly extracted juice were consumed and, although I missed such a record, I am convinced that it was taken daily.


They lived on the hopes of discovering a remedy for the infirmity of old age.

But when a plant grows the cells of its tissues multiply. Dualism however suggests that it is not merely two kinds of matter but exact opposites.

The one feature which literary records can fully document makes Soma a freshly extracted plant juice, not one kept long to ferment. Here celestial carriage” r 1? The subject made a strong appeal to me in so far as a chemist should know the early history of his science which is alchemy.

For it to change and enliven a metal into Ferment-gold is a trivial achieve- ment. There are two overarching approaches to the study of Indian alchemy.

Indian Alchemy or Rasayana : S. Mahdihassan :

Soma as fresh plant juice and its herb. The positive criterion of alchemy as a w hole. He P re Alberuni 9 writes that, in India during -most ancient times the bodies of the dead were exposed to the air being thrown in the fields with- out any covering allchemy is the case even today in rural narts of Tibet.

Groningen Oriental Studies Strange enough, medicines proper, curing diseases, come next in rank. A third story p. Base metals would also grow to perfection which means as fire-proof gold.