Po prawej znajdziesz swoją instrukcja obsługi Indesit IDC Ta usługa jest całkowicie bezpłatna. Jeśli masz jakiekolwiek pytania dotyczące swojej Indesit IDC. zadbać o przekazanie instrukcji wraz z nią, aby .. 85′. 6 Pościel: do odzieży ocieplanej gęsim puchem. 30°. V. ○. ○. V 1,5 Indesit Company Spa. INDESIT WITL 85 EU Pralka – Strona: (1/72). Podgląd instrukcji obsługi. instrukcje użytkownika za darmo Pralka INDESIT WITL 85 EU | Strona:: 1.

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Dane techniczne Przed wprowadzeniem wtyczki do gniazdka nale?

Indesit WISL 85 Manuals

Serwis techniczny Wiso si? If the problem persists even after these checks, turn off the water tap, switch the appliance off and call for Assistance.

There is a water shortage. In addition, avoid using fabric softener as much as possible.

The button corresponding to the function selected will remain on. Electric connection Technical details Quilted coats and windbreakers: Aby anulowaae program, nale?

Indesit WISL 85 Manuals

The company denies all liability if and when these norms are not respected. Set the wash temperature see page Electric and water connections Connecting the water inlet hose Unpacking 1. When a function is selected, the corresponding button is illuminated. Wash them separately without exceeding half the appliance load. Description Spin indwsit Detergents Once the set delay is complete, the flashing LED will turn off and the programme set will start.


Add the detergent and any fabric softener see page The maximum spin speeds for each programme are as follows: Load your laundry into the washing machine and shut the appliance door. Unpacking and levelling Levelling your appliance correctly will provide it with stability and avoid any vibrations, noise and shifting during operation.

Remove the four protective screws and the rubber washer with the respective spacer, situated on the rear of the appliance see figure. Detergent indeait the wash cycle powder or liquid Liquid detergent should only be poured in immediately prior to the wash cycle start.

To access the pre-chamber: Do not indesir solvents or abrasives. The fifth time the button is pressed, the function will be disabled. Should the appliance be sold, transferred or moved, make sure the instruction manual accompanies the washing machine to inform the new owner as to its operation and features. In addition, the bleach cycle cannot be run with programmes 7 Silk and Daily see page Szybkie migotanie przycisku oznacza,? The water tap is not turned on.


Set the indesiit speed see page Check whether the washing machine has been damaged during transport. Service Notify the operator of: If the function selected is incompatible with the programme set, the button will flash and the function will not be enabled.

Before calling for Assistance see page 24make sure the problem can’t easily be solved by consulting the following list.

Indesit WISL 85 X Manuals

The hose is bent. Keep all the parts: Wolny koniec rury usuwania wody nie powinien pozostawaae zanurzony w wodzie. GB Installation Setting the spin speed.