ImmunoCAP® ISAC and Microtest for multiplex allergen testing in people with difficult to manage allergic disease: a systematic review and cost analysis. A combination of innovative biochip technology with cutting edge research in molecular allergology has resulted in ImmunoCAP® ISAC – the most advanced in. The immuno-solid phase allergen chip (ISAC) test (Thermo Fisher ImmunoCAP ISAC) is a microarray assay system designed to assay specific.

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If you live at a distance from London, or for any reason cannot attend a face-to face appointment, please start with filling in an ISAC allergy symptoms questionnaire, which will be reviewed by one of our allergy consultants. Although this review included patients with any allergy, the primary objective was to assess the clinical effectiveness of multiplex allergen testing in people with complex or difficult to manage allergies, in UK health-care settings.

References in retrieved articles were checked for additional studies. In general, single IgE performed similarly to SPT both measured whole extractswhereas ISAC gave much more variable results for the three different components measured.

Skin prick testing was used as the reference standard. Helping scientists meet the challenges they face in the lab or in the field every day.

None of these studies reported test accuracy data. If you have any further questions, needa consultation, treatment, or if any problems are identified throughout this testing process, we would be happy to book you an appointment to meet with one of our specialists.

Applications for commercial reproduction should be addressed to: Diagnosis of food allergy De Swert et al.

isad Studies that were conducted in non-UK settings and which assessed allergens considered unlikely to be relevant to UK populations e. The systematic review component of this assessment found no data on the clinical consequences of adding multiplex allergen testing to current clinical practice; therefore, a long-term economic model to inform health policy decision-making was not possible.

Risk of bias and concerns regarding applicability are summarised in Tables 2 and 3 and Figure 2 ; immnuocap assessments for each study are provided in Appendix 4. The small observational study 36 that was assessed using the CASP cohort tool for risk of bias was reported only as conference abstract; therefore, risk of bias was largely unclear owing to lack of study details.


We defined immunnocap following research objectives to address this aim:. In general, individual ISAC components tended to have high specificity, but low sensitivity, relative to whole-allergen single IgE tests or SPT for the prediction of allergic response.

Background Multiplex allergen tests imminocap molecular diagnostic tests, in the form of a glass slide, which can simultaneously test for the presence of multiple antibodies in blood samples up to 51 allergen sources. Support Center Support Center. This work was produced by Westwood et al. Additional searching was performed for grey literature, three trial registries and seven conference proceedings.

Multiplex allergen testing is likely to be used in secondary care settings or specialist tertiary care centres, as an addition to allergen challenge testing and in addition to, or in place of, single immunoglobulin E IgE antibody testing. Two of the included studies 3940 were conducted in the UK and, where reported, the remaining studies were conducted in other European countries; one study 47 did not report location.

The results of the quality assessment have been used for descriptive purposes to provide an isad of the overall quality of the included studies and to provide a transparent method of recommendation for design of any future studies. Lavender EDTA or green sodium or lithium heparin. The comparator for this assessment was current standard care, which included allergy-focused clinical history, alternative tests of IgE antibody status single IgE antibody testing ixac, tests of clinical reactivity such as skin prick testing or allergen challenge testing or a combination of these approaches.

ImmunoCAP ISAC – When you need the bigger picture in allergy

The method uses solid-phase immunoassays against antigenic epitopes and measures IgE antibody concentrations in patient serum or plasma. Four economic analyses and 14 health-related quality of life studies were included in the literature review.

However, because the review identified a small number of studies with between-study variations in participant characteristics allergy historymultiplex allergen testing methods, allergens tested for, standard care comparators, and outcomes assessed, we did not consider meta-analyses to be appropriate and have provided jmmunocap structured immunlcap synthesis.

The sensitivities and specificities of the individual components ISAC 50 components were not reported. To assess the effects on clinical outcomes e. Comparator The comparator for this assessment was current standard care, which included allergy-focused clinical history, alternative tests of IgE antibody status single IgE antibody testingtests of clinical reactivity such as skin prick testing or allergen challenge testing or a combination of these approaches.


ISAC Test: 112 Allergy Tests in one tiny blood sample!

The cut-off points for each test were not reported. Show details Health Technology Assessment, No. This advanced technology enables measurement of IgE antibodies to a fixed panel of components from 51 allergen sources in a single step, using only 30 ul of serum or plasma.

No studies of this type were identified.

ISAC Test, ISAC Testing & ISAC Testing in London

However, when ISAC was used to measure the same component as single IgE testing or to measure multiple components homologous proteinswith a positive test defined as any component positive, it appeared that equivalent sensitivities could be achieved without corresponding loss of specificity. The principal investigators of completed trials identified through searches of clinical trials registries that appeared to meet our inclusion criteria but for which no publication could be identified were contacted and asked to provide publication details or unpublished data.

None of the studies was conducted in the UK, seven studies 41 — 4649 were European and one study 47 was unreported. Two reviewers MW and SL independently screened the titles and abstracts of all reports identified by searches and any discrepancies were discussed and resolved by consensus.

Support Center Support Center. In all but two cases, 5152 these studies reported no relevant outcomes. The evidence on utility values for allergic immunoca in the UK population was limited.

For more information, visit our browser page. Strategy development involved an iterative approach testing candidate text and indexing terms across a sample of bibliographic databases, aiming to reach a satisfactory balance of sensitivity and specificity. Single IgE testing and skin prick testing had comparable specificity