No reason for some of the races you couldn’t mix an unleashed career and a ikrpg career. Man at arms chieftain. Or is there something?. I tend to go with the IKRPG one as it lines up better with stuff like Greataxes from Unleashed. But then, I did my own redo of Nyss to not require. With all the cool new races/careers in Unleashed we were considering and themes of the Iron Kingdoms, and this issue bears directly on that.

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Characters I make as the GM with any similar theme come out taking -extremely- similar routes, to the point they are nearly clones of the other, in terms of game play, which is poison to an RPG layout. What with them just being ‘You like to use this gun a LOT’. They use the same system, but the careers and races are balanced different. It would be funny to see a ‘jack marshal harnesser Depends on what you’re building for.

I also haven’t found that all the careers are more powerful in Unleashed than FMF.

Iron Kingdoms Unleashed

I also basically follow this structure. Okay I skipped a bit but I actually like the tight restrictions. And this is pretty strongly included in the opening fluff of the core book, so if you’ve yet to read the opening lore on the setting, I’d recommend doing that. In pretty much all of the iron kingdoms necromancy is illegal. ikrp

Iron Kingdoms Unleashed Adventure Kit | Privateer Press

I assume that in that particular case, it’s because it represents a character who’s served in one of the Thornfall Alliance’s Slaughterhouser units, the same way that the Storm Knight career represents someone who served in one of Cygnar’s Storm Knight units, and the Man-o-War career represents unleasehd who’s served in one of Khador’s Ikkrpg units. If you want them and can get them somewhere else go for it. One is a paragon of the primal, savage nature of the wilds.


No human bokors, etc. The Blood Razor is an easy refluff of the existing blade for Bloodweavers. I try not to say no without a very good reason and when I do say no, it’s usually “no, unless you agree to this restriction”. There are a lot of classes that are, mechanically, really generic just because they are tied to something fluffwise they get locked away. This is an interesting point. But those careers both came in a book that included the much-more-generic knight and man at arms careers.

While looking up the swords stats we found out that the sword is a very different beast in unleashed then it is in Core. Don’t miss these posts. I think you’re still missing my point. This leaves a ton more choices for combination than unleashed, which give a really low count on possible combinations.

The nature of Wolds and bonding is more vague, whether by wilding or more ‘magic’ stuff like Cryx ‘warcasters’ do, since many Cryx warcasters pre-date cortexes and the Gift entirely. Probably sorcerer and fell caller are the 2 that got a direct port over.

They just use the same rules system. That leaves a single career for the non gifted Ryssovass if he wants to be a dedicated fighter. Every reason you have given boils down to because fluff, which if focused to much on can hurt an RPG.

Want to know more about Gun Mages? I’m going ikrpt reserve judgement until I have a copy in my hands to read Trogs are freakishly good for ikrg I expected them to be, given they’ve always sort of been the butt of warmachine jokes in their ineptitude save Raskbut they’re not drop dead amazing by the numbers and suffer from the Gatorman issue.


Stormknight and Man O War represent characters with access to very special equipment and the training to use that equipment. We’ll see I guess. Any turn the character makes a full advance which is really a big difference when it comes to gameplay.

Apparently only a few careers are universal. It’s not just about races, but also about cultures. The more I think on warlocks, the more generic they all seem to be, with their own little caveats.

Anyone else run into this and if you did you find any errata for it? That’s how I view it unleqshed well. That’s why I’d lump dahlia and brun in with circle warlocks.

In some what support of the point Althrion I think is trying to make, this is an issue I’ve had unleashee the system since day 1, and Unleash made it a lot worse for its side of things. Sorcerer’s 4 variations are in both books already. That unlleashed mean that all Tharn women must be blood weavers or wolf riders, but rather that the only blood weavers and wolf riders are Tharn women.

There is also always desertion, self-taught warcaster, or private education if you’re from a noble family. It baffles me why people have a problem grasping that. Anything but Dragonspawn, Trolls, and anything I thought didn’t make sense. You simply put a different coat of paint on something that already exists. Sometimes an indicator of specific areas of competence, training or focus.