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Atividades educativas foram realizadas em grupo, coordenadas pela enfermeira, utilizando jogo de tabuleiro. Chlorophyll was incorporated into chitosan films, forming intelligent systems concursls to detect variations in temperature.

The physical-mechanical and anti-friction properties were almost doubled by the active drainage of the gases from the compression mould. English, Letter size,8 p. Portuguese, A4 size, 49 p. La tasa estandarizada de las enfermedades respiratorias 7,5 por 1. Mathematical modeling of osmo-convective dehydration of the cactus pear Opuntia ficus-indica Mill using mixed solutionsAbstract: The ocular brachytherapy many times unique alternative to conserve the visual organ in patients of ocular cancer, one comes carrying out in the National Institute of Neoplastic Illnesses INEN using threads of Iridium ; those which, they are placed in radial form on the interior surface of a spherical cap of gold of 18 K; the cap remains in the eye until reaching the prescribed dose by the doctor.

French, Letter size, 7 p. Full Text Available This paper was designed to evaluate the rancidity of 18 pet food samples using the Diamed FATS kits and official AOCS methods for the quantification of free fatty acids, peroxide value and concentrations of malonaldehyde and alkenal in the lipid extracted.

Otro valioso metodo de calculo consiste en emplear iego-server.igeo.ufrj.br clave de Monte Cario en funcion del tiempo.

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Se realizan ejemplos de aplicacion, donde se obtienen ciertos resultados de los cuales se hace una breve discusion. Los autores presentan los resultados correspondientes a maquetas del reactor TRIGA en las que se emplean medios multiplicadores y no multiplicadores.


To investigate the advantages and the complications of the use of hard palate graft in the reconstruction of the inferior eyelids with large basocelular carcinoma.

Segun el ‘Vocabulario de Terminos Basicos y Generales de Metrologia’ la incertidumbre de medicion ‘es el parametro asociado con el resultado de la medicion que caracteriza la dispersion de los valores que razonablemente pudiera ser atribuida al mensurando o magnitud. Por lo tanto, un enfoque basado en aprendizaje a partir de ejemplos parece mas adecuado. During the commercial production of gerbera seedlings, flower color is one of the main morphological aspects that have an agronomic interest and becoming an important feature in genetic breeding programs.

Os resultados indicaram que os ventos predominantes em foram de Sul e Leste. An efficient and precise method for calculation of Doppler broadening function is very important to obtain average group microscopic cross sections, self shielding factors, resonance integrals and others reactor physics parameter.

These solids are discretized with truss elements 2D and 3D aiming to obtain analytically internal force vector and the tangent stiffness matrix.

The wax layer visualization through the scanning microscope is difficult due to some problems of. Review of specialized articles and report of the technique used in the Oculoplastic Department of the “Hospital Santa Casa de Porto Alegre”.

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The formation and movement of the zone in the bar can be explained studying the balance between the ionic fluxes created due to the potential difference and to the temperature distribution along the bar. Thus, for those calculations performance and preparation of RELAP5 input data, a friendly mathematical preprocessor was designed. By applying the bonus-malus method that we have given, we are able to obtain the premium risk for different profiles and age ranges.


The technology of pho-tocatalysis was used with artificial sources of radiation lamps UV and TiO2 as catalyst. PS sensitivity S compared to refraction under cycloplegia was English, A4 size, 24 p. Algorithm for the calculation of a steam generator efficiency; Algoritmo para el calculo de la eficiencia de un generador de vapor. C en el cuerpo, a fin de determinar la masa critica y la eficacia del reflector a cada una de esas temperaturas.

Ennglish, A4 size, 9p. English, A4 size, 21 p. GTA de Lima, H. In this article we show a bonus-malus method of risk premiums. In this work, we developed a graphical interface that determines by steady-state simulation the number of plates required for multicomponent distillation process and the composition of distillate and bottoms flow of a distillation tower using short-cut methods. Fatim Haidaracombinado con los mapas globales de distribucion de lluvia de Crane, para el calculo de la atencion por lluvia en sistema de comunicacion por satelite que operen en la Banda Ka.

Argentina: Buenos Aires

Data mining utilizando redes neuronales. The HMF, which is the product of the fructose condensation, is an indicator of honey quality and conservation. The computer simulation was performed by distributing virtual dosimeter ferrous sulfate Fricke in the longitudinal axis of the vertical drain channels anterior and posterior and horizontal top and bottom. Arsenic was added to the soils as sodium arsenate heptahydrate Na2HAsO4. Are They Really Worth the Concuursos For both glass ionomer materials, the 12 mm x 6 mm matrix led to higher compressive strength results than the 6 mm x 4 mm matrix.