Deploying applications with IExpress: How to deploy an application, using the IExpress tool. 4 Tutorials EBook to the Microsoft Gallery. Did you know windows has a built-in tool to create self-extracting archives? Its name is ”?. Click on any. Bring up a command prompt or press START+R, type IExpress and press . XInput Tutorial Part 1: Adding gamepad support to your Windows.

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On the Package title page, type the name of the package, and then click Next. Not an IT pro? This file is required because IExpress Wizard does not maintain the subdirectory structure of the files that you add to the installation program.

Type the Package Title.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Graphics and Animation 7. Saving it means you can edit the file rather than have to re-enter all of the information later.

Deployment with IExpress: How to turn your MSI file into an EXE | Katy’s Code

The self-extracting packages created with IExpress tuutorial inherent vulnerabilities which allow arbitrary code execution because of the way they handle their installation command and their command line processing. United States English Sign in. If you need to supply a command-line script file to create a subdirectory structure, add the command-line script file.


Select what you want as the Finished Message, tick either No message or Display message. In the Options area, select the options that you want for the package, and then click Next.

Such packages can be used to install software. After the wizard informs you that it finished creating the installation program, click Finish. On the Configure restart page, select if and how you want a computer to restart after the end of the installation program and whether the user will tuorial prompted before the restart, and then click Next.

You are commenting using your WordPress. Select the Package Purpose you will see a detailed explanation depending on the selection you tick Extract files and run an installation command Extract files only Create compressed files only Step 4: Click Next Step 6: Is it possible to help tutoorial with an example of how to create a command line for such a thing.

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How to Create a Self-Extracting Zip File

Most of these options aren’t critical, but in the lower half you’ll see TargetNamewhich specifies the iexpresw of the resulting self-extracting package. Select how your Installation window will be displayed. Katy’s Code Game, graphics, web and other software development topics. Let’s look at the structure of an SED script to get you started.

And there you have it. She still can’t read a map, though. Instead, IExpress Wizard treats all of the files as if they came from the same directory.


They each get their own sub-section, [SourceFiles0] and [SourceFiles1]below which are references to each of the files in those locations. This is an affiliate link, which means that if you visit Bluehost. Once you have created your. This tool was originally created to enable branded deployments of Internet Explorer 6 shocking, I knowbut we can subvert it quite easily to our needs. High Tutoriql Table 5.

If the driver package INF files are configured to find source files in subdirectories other than the directory that contains the INF files, you must include a command-line script file that creates the subdirectory structure and copies the isxpress to the subdirectories. Then select the Options you wish you use. Click on any thumbnail to view a larger image of the dialog window.

Valdimar 4 On the Package Name and Options page, enter the target path and filename name for the installation package. Tim Cooper k 31 Tutoria, and First Project 2.

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