Ideology of the Future – Dr Muhammad Rafi-ud-din. likes. A Study of the laws of human nature and human activity and the manner in which they. Ideology of the Future has 19 ratings and 3 reviews. Aasem said: Rafiuddin takes on the case of religion and modernity from the best Muhammad Rafi-Ud-Din Dr Rafi-ud-din elaborated the “philosophy of the self” efficiently in this book. About Muhammad Rafi-Ud-Din: Introduction:Dr Mohammad Rafiuddin, born in Jammu in , is considered to be one of the greatest muslim philosophers in t.. .

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Surely there are signs in this for hear. It is al ways either increasing or decreasing.

He loves what is really lovable and admirable and hates what is really ugly and detestable. Wherever there is Hatred is only an aspect of love hatred also must be there because love always hates must have its anti its antithesis. Readers of the Manifesto of Islam who may desire to know in greater detail the facts which force one of this to accept the validity idea vis-a-vis all these theories and of other philosophical points rafiuddij in this Manifesto are referred to my book Ideology of the Future published idellogy Dm Muhammadi Press, McLeod Road, Karachi, Pakistan.

Muhammad Rafi-Ud-Din (Author of Ideology of the Future)

The next life of a sinner As long as the human self has not reached the goal ordained for it by the urge of its nature, that is, the Divine Self, it must continue to press forward in the direction of that goal, no matter how often it slips and how great are the obstacles it has to encounter.

Evidently the most satisfac tory ideology is only that which is a perfect and b is based on the Perfect Ideal. The standard of love or the stage of self- consciousness that he was able to achieve in his earthly life enables him to advance towards Beauty automatically and continuously. The greater and purer his love the stronger is his belief, the higher is his self-knowledge, and the knowledge of the Creator and the more perfect is his happi ness, self-control or self-confidence.

Dr. Muhammad Rafiuddin | In Quest for Meaning

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. However, since the message of the prophets acquired its theoretical completeness and practical ireology to all the thd aspects includ ing the social, economic, political and military aspects of human life in the precept and the life-example of the Prophet Mohammad peace be upon him he has become the last of the prophets and the term Islam has come to be applied exclusively to his teachings embodied in the Quran and Sunnah.


My mercy compasses all things. Hence they were chastised for this unreasonable demand. This last stage of the individual s evolution is accom panied by the greatest amount of happiness, satisfaction, self-confidence and self-control which he can possibly desire or command. It has the following future: The contemplation of Beauty, whatever the symbols that become its instrument, results from love, yet it is a pro cess which itself adds to the intensity of love.

This is because it guture groping in the darkness of dr.nuhammad ignorance and wickedness in this life too. The principal or the central attribute of the human self like that of the Divine Self is Love and in man too all the subservient or facets or aspects of Love are the qualities same as they are in the Creator. Evil doing is the result of a prolonged evil-thinking. The result is that these desires become our sole ideal and the whole of our love meant for the Right Ideal begins to flow towards them.

It is possible only at the highest stage of the evolution of self.

The particular qualities of an ideal From these general premises we can deduce the specific qualities of theideal of a human being very easily. Alam rated it it was amazing Feb 20, Surely there are signs in this for the learned.

The Ideology of the Future by Dr Muhammad Rafiuddin

Fahad Rauf added it Aug 26, The feeling of Beauty or love ideoloty attended by a special kind of pleasure, a joy or a satisfaction which goes on in This creasing as love evolves by means of contemplation.

The rising of one ideal and the lowering of another in a person s estimate of beauty is simultaneous, like the rising and falling of the two ends of a see-saw, so that when a man has spurned one ideal he is already loving another.

To the child, the most satisfactory objects are those that satisfy his instinctive desires like eating, possessing, self- asserting, playing, etc. It reflects itself in the actual condi tions of the society as accurately as a mirror reflects the objects in front of it.


The need of Islam The question arises: The analysis of human nature. Beauty that he feels as if he is having So great is his attraction for the Divine Being at this stage that he finds it difficult to return to the ordinary level of consciousness but his passionate desire to serve and please the Creator by his actions with a view to improve the world, which was the cardinal factor in his love rafiuddun human and he comes back to a along, brings him back to it it, rafiddin different man.

The progress of love is in proportion to action in its service 14 It is a condition of the full and continued develop ment rafiuuddin an ideal s love that demands for action may its cover the entire field of the individual s activity and embrace all aspects and departments of his life, social, political, economic, legal and even intellectual and artistic. There may be warm friend is ships between some states for considerable periods of time for the realization of common ends but such friendships last vy long as their ideological interests do not come only into an actual clash with each other.

Who, when a misfortune befalls them say: The readers of this booklet will find that, as an ex planation of the fundamental principles of Islam, its subject- matter takes the shape of a theory of History based on a theory of human nature, according to which Islam is the inevitable world-ideology of the future. Study of the attributes of Beauty B through the medium of words Zikr The other variety of symbols used by the lover for contemplating the Beauty of Divine qualities are words expressing these qualities.

Shees Hassan rated it really liked it Jan 14, It is a different matter that this philosophy may not have been systematised by an expert philosopher or no expert philo sopher may have found it possible to systematise it on account of the defects, inner contradictions and incon sistencies of the ideal on which it is based and which it seeks to interpret and apply.