The Arabic philosophical fable Hayy Ibn Yaqzan is a classic of medieval Islamic philosophy. Ibn Tufayl (d. ), the Andalusian philosopher, tells of a child. : Hayy Ibn Yaqzan (): Ibn Tufayl, Ibn Tufail, Lenn Evan Goodman: Books. Although Ibn Tufayl’s philosophical tale Hayy ibn Yaqzan is one of the most famous medieval Arabic stories to reach the West, precious little is known about the.

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The next generation surpassed them in that they knew a little logic. This he discovered in a crude way by making wide circular motions like celestial beings with his body until he had lost the senses and imagination — a clear early reference to the secretive whirling practice of Sufi dervishes. Hayy supposes that he can achieve understanding of the Necessarily Existent by imitating animals, celestial beings, and the Maker Himself in various ways.

The abstract philosophical tale of Iby Tufayl is the historically first of a series of such reflections on the nature of human behavior and learning. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands.

Setting the story on a generic island at an unspecified time helps establish this universality. The picture of the soul presented here is both Platonic and Cartesian: Ibn Tufayl’s short treatise is worth reading then. Get to Know Us. There hauy nothing to be added.

Hayy ibn Yaqdhan – Wikipedia

The people were too stupid and stubborn to change their ways. He may have studied Sufism while residing in Marrakesh, a prominent Sufi center in the Almohad period. Hence the passage from the material to the yaqzann worlds is not a change of place but tufajl a change of one’s mode of cognition. She would be like a sapling by chance sown in the midst of the highway, bent hither and thither and soon crushed by the passers-by.


Ibn Tufayl’s Hayy Ibn Yaqzan

Roy blogs on the RPE blog at http: As he grows older, Hayy becomes more reflective and, unlike the animals that he shares his habitat with that remain firmly within the physical world, he begins to question his existence and to speculate upon the metaphysical and in God. This page was last edited on 21 Septemberat When Hayy and Absal meet, being unable to understand each other through a common language and coming from very different environments, nonetheless realise that they both believe in the same God.

So he seeks to emulate tufwyl actions of the heavenly beings, even as he accepts that his body, like that of animals, requires sustenance and care. They do not see that the teachings of their faith are merely symbols, garments for the truth that Hayy hayj through his philosophical and spiritual engagement.

University of Chicago Press, None of this could be different. Suppose after he had come this far, his eyesight were restored and he could see. Anyways, Hayy continues with his train of thought, and he contemplates the necessary existent and comes to realize that no matter what it seemed to be immaterial, omnipotent, eternal, not subject to decay and necessarily existent.

Is religion natural or practiced only out of convention? I also considered my activities, of which the best was my teaching and lecturing, and realised that in them I was dealing in sciences that were unimportant and contributed nothing to the attainment of eternal life.

Soon he concluded that even though there were many different faculties within an animal, they were nonetheless one, and the hot vapor guided used the body like Hayy used his weapons. Neither solution seemed wholly satisfactory to him.


We see the brain formed to manage all the senses and help us to avoid what is harmful and pursue what is good, and we see the liver formed to manage our bodily humors and all our nutritive needs. Thus, rather than offering a description of his own experience of ecstasy, Ibn Tufayl will present a fictional account, the tale of how one man achieved ecstasy using nothing but his faculties.

Absal was attracted to the uninhabited island and went “to live there in solitude. But he does not fulfill himself beyond the tufyal he needs to. Since all matter inherently seems to move in a given direction according uaqzan its nature. These centres were largely Christian, with the exception of Harran in Northern Syria, which was the home of a group referred to by the Arabs as Sabaeans; a now-extinct nature-cult who are mentioned in the Quran as worshippers of the Sun.

He starts preaching against the false beliefs that everyone holds as true, and thus interferes with them achieving their happiness and order. The Arab Muslims treated what they found with considerable respect, referring to them as imams. In the second version, the sister of a inb king married a kinsman in secret, far from the eyes of her brother, who insisted on choosing her spouse himself.