of the Rehla had said, ‘ThiB 1 I.e. journey or travelling ; also -written as Rihla. 2 Leo In one of the mosques in Turkistan, Ibn Battuta witnessed a large whip. ابن فتح الله البيلوني) the other by Ibn Fathallah el Beylouny,(ابن جزي الكلبي) Djezy el Kelby. SOI printed by mistake ali i v LJI); the latter I possess.” He tells. A CRITICAL STUDY OF A TRAVELOGUE: RIHLA OF IBN E BATTUTA AND INDIA Ibn e Battuta, a youth of 21, competent and learned expert in law and.

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These journeys covered almost the entirety of the known Islamic world, extending from present-day North and West Africa to Pakistan, India, the Maldives, Sri Lanka, Southeast Asia and China, a distance readily surpassing that of his predecessor and near-contemporary Marco Polo. The scholar had to compose the whole story into literary form, using a type of Arabic literature called a rihlaindicating a journey rjhla search of divine knowledge.

Log In Sign Up. Its course is from south to north, contrary to all other [great] rivers.

Ibn Battuta

Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. MoroccoInternational Journal of Pathology; ; 10 2: The exterior of the burial monument of Ibn Battuta in Tangier, built on his family’s land, part of a garden.

Thus as Rosenthal reckon, Ibn Battuta’s observations are not just undisputed, he also contributes considerably to our knowledge, his data being often the only ones we have to fill our knowledge of particular parts of the globe [17]. The skills of the Chinese are what amaze him most, though, very talented and precise people.


He spent battua years there as a Qadi judgebefore he joined an embassy for China. Help Center Find new research papers in: Usually, he married one at a time and divorced her when he left on further travels.

Rihla – Wikipedia

An Imam in Paris: If you’re seeing this message, it means we’re having trouble loading external resources on our website. He then visited the harbour of Aden, situated on the rihlq of an extinct volcano facing eastern side to the Red Sea. Concerning Ibn Jubayr’s voyage to Mecca inone writer claimed that ” See Index I for a detailed map illustrating all his travels.

There are interesting anecdotes about his trip to finish with, and which offer kbn very interesting insight into the mind of the Muslim scholars of the time. Paris, reprint of the edition. Customers who bought this item also bought. NIHCR, Everything and everybody was loaded for departure, but Ibn Battuta spent the last day in the city attending Friday prayers.

Cairo and Ign became world-class cities due to their trade with India and China through Yemen.

Travels of Ibn Battuta. A Virtual Tour with the 14th Century Traveler: Viewing monsoon wind suitability he caught dhow again and reached Makkah through rugged lands of Oman. Lastly, he visited the great Mali kingdom of Africa ruled by Mansa family.

Full text of “The Rehla of Ibn Battuta”

I know that some of the stories I shall tell on this subject will be unacceptable to the minds of many persons, and that they will regard them as quite impossible in the normal order of things.

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From there, he went to Iraq, Iran, then back to Mecca, where he stayed for two years H [3]. His account of batutta journey, dictated on his return, not only provides vivid accounts of an odyssey that took him to exotic lands, but also describes in great detail Muslim maritime activities in the Middle and Far East, fascinating elements of foreign architecture, and agricultural activities of diverse cultures.


He mentioned the respect shown to the women by the male counterpart.

Not to mention the fact that for all but experts in the Muslim world, much of this book would be very difficult to understand and much would be missed.

Very good basic travelog.

Ibn Battuta says, he went one day to see the sultan, who had by his side a quantity of pearls which had just been fished in his kingdom. He decided to go to China anyway, but stopped on the way at the Maldives, an island group miles southwest off the coast of India. Inhe began his first sea travel from Jaddah on Red Sea Coast, a difficult sea route with dangers of coral reefs and rocks under the water line and frequent storms and pirates.

Leaving his homeland at the age of 21 to make the holy pilgrimage to Mecca, he performed a series of extraordinary journeys that spanned nearly three decades and took him as far away as India and China, but also to the Volga River valley and south to Tanzania.