Please keep in mind that your TGMC project will only be recognized as valid, if at least one IBM Software is used in the development of project. List of. Name of Project. Team Leader. Date of submission. 1. Online college Magazine. 26/03/ 2. E-Elcon. 26/03/. Visit to know more about these instructions. Important guidelines for TGMC project submission: • Please.

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Project Guidelines for TGMC in TGMC – Forget Code

Smart Traffic management system Transportation Portal: Be a fan on Facebook. Showing posts with label tgmc One more pillar in TGMC’s history.

But more importantly, it instilled the confidence in us never to lose hope and keep on trying. The actual presentation went smoothly, in spite of some minor setbacks like an issue with the projector and the internet connection.

Click here to see the results. Designs must include attachments with: IT professional certification has become an expectation while hiring. Keeping that in mind, IBM Academic Initiative program offers software training and professional certification for students from engineering and MCA colleges. Online grievience redressal system Online picture manager: Labels tgmc 23 tgmc 19 ibm 11 java 9 Ajax 8 db2 8 rational application developer 7 Jquery 6 jsp 6 Installation 5 webshpere 5 tgmc 4 uml 4 SRS 3 databae application 1 file uploading 1 java beans 1 sending email using 1 sms using java 1.

Unfortunately, most of us were unable to submit a fully working project by the end of the submission period.

Project Guidelines for TGMC 2012 in TGMC

It was only at the end of our presentation that we realized that we had been in the hall for more than an hour, longer than any other group from West Bengal! E-Mandi Employee Expense management System: A great going ppl. Posted by Abhimanyu rathore at 9: A Truly Inspiring Story.


Build a self sustaining model to ensure a continuous stream of competent skills in the market. So was the case with many of my classmates. Attended by finalists of the Top 15 teams and other eminent dignitaries from the industry made this session a good interaction platform for all and an opportunity for industry to see and meet the great minds. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. The parent folder in the CD should be renamed after your team name.

Database Concurrency Comparator E-Mandi: Faces of Techno India……. Tender management system Voice based Web Browser: Equip your college with the power of cutting edge software from IBM. List of Software can be used for Follow these instructions carefully and contact us at e-mail us at tgmc in.

E-learning resource locator Food Safety Portal: General instructions for project documentation: After approval by PWD Officers, selected companies can share their work status on the portal for review by Government authorities and for maintaining future records. Tags for Project Guidelines for TGMC in TGMC How to Submit tgmc ibm project what are all the items which is included before to submit project in ibm tgmc Steps to send a project to ibm tgmc Address and location for sending project for ibm tgmc tgmc project submission format tgmc project cd requirements tgmc guidelines dvd submission step by step procedure for deloying project for tgmc project submission criteria for tgmc in cd ibm tgmc project scenerio how to prepare for tgmc Include the test case for which the screenshot was taken.

Disabling services from getting started on system boot. Bakrahat — the location was a beauty in itself! A copy of the submitted SRS. Get recognized by IBM as a Blue Scholar and be 20112 by our business partners and customers as a valued skilled resource. We need the backup of your database. We learned it, we are living it, and that is what I would like to say to all my juniors and friends: A short presentation of fewer than 10 slides using the presentation template.


As of now, the results proiect live at https: Without their guidance, I am not sure if I would have been writing this blog post today!

We are happy to announce the results for TGMC ! Newer Post Older Post Home.

Latest version of the project SRS. Pal went into describing the features. Neelakshi explained to them the overview lust the promect idea of our project and what problems we intended to solve.

And today, it has been a year, and only a week since the final round results of the contest were announced, and to our extreme delight, we were declared to be amongst the winners! Introductory table of contents Titles and subtitles Proper page numbers Standard font proiect, style, and color across the documents Document can be created in any one of the standard formats: Reaching more students across all Indian states received equal consideration while ensuring availability of sufficient certified resources to build competency and capacity.

And so, we analyzed every feature we wanted to put in, and tried our best to ensure that they would not compromise on the security of the database or the privacy of projext users, while also maintaining transparency throughout the bid selection procedure. Check us out on Youtube. Comment using Facebook comments. All of the above has to be created as separate files and stored in the docs folder.