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An Introduction to iBatis (MyBatis), An alternative to Hibernate and JDBC

M relationship, or a 1: The advantage is that performance will be very good for this particular query. The object does not need to be part of a special object ijterview or implement a special interface. The underlying schema is irrelevant. IBatis only maps the Java bean properties to database fields, and it fetches the database results in the form of Java beans based on configuration.

Java interview Questions: IBatis

questoons Note Similarly, make sure you only have one method named getXxxx and setXxxx. The following table names and describes the properties. However, objects read from a read-only jbatis should not be modified. When application becoming huge and complex our model starts breaking down. To use Log4Net with your own application, you just need to provide your own Log4Net configuration. The Data Map definition file is where the interesting stuff happens.

The property mappings are applied, and the columns are read, in the order that they are defined by the element. The class specified will be automatically mapped to the columns in the result, based on the result metadata.

Its pretty interesting question because there are major differences between iBatis and Hibernate. If a parameterMap attribute is not specified see Section 3. At least for now. If you are not using that implementation, you may safely skip that section. The javaType attribute is used to explicitly specify the Java property type of the property to be set. The LRU cache makes a good choice for applications that have patterns of usage where certain objects may be popular to one or more users over a longer period of time e.


A database system can use a custom provider or a generic ODBC provider. In other words ,iBATIS strives to ease the development of data-driven applications by abstracting the low-level details involved in database communication loading a database driver, obtaining and managing connections, managing transaction semantics, etc.

Note Be careful to consider transactions when framing your queries. String cannot be modified. Common uses of the resources file are:. If a statement does ibxtis parameters, then a valid parameterObject is required. If you have built the iBatisNet solution as described in Section 5.

The Process Engine The process engine is the one responsible for actually executing our business processes. If you just need the value, you can use a standard type as interiew result class, as shown in Example We recommend reviewing the Tutorial for your platform before reading this Guide.

Some drivers will allow the type to be implicit by simply sending Types. You have freedom to write your own queries and easy to maintain. If a runtime value is not needed, the parameter can be omitted.

Result Maps support Map and IDictionary types as results too. Is Hibernate intervkew IBatis can be used on innterview application? All of the settings have defaults, and you can omit the setting element or any of its attributes.

Remember, EJBs have a lot more industry support and tools to help you along, and you still might be better off using Session EJBs for any work that requires distributed transactions. NET distribution, as shown in Table Of course, immutable parameter objects e. If you think the above answer is not correct, Please select a reason and add your answer below. You can also pass a Map Java or IDictionary. The SqlMapper is designed to be multi-threaded and long-lived, and so makes for a good singleton.


Hibernate and Ibatis both are the persistance frameworks. NET providers are not able to determine the type of a column, and the type must be specified. If you changed the Data Map from Example 3 to Example 4, you would not have to touch your application source code at all. Read This Tips for writing resume in slowdown What do employers look for in a resume? TransactionManager element configured for global transactions Java.

This is where transactions come into play. The optional extends attribute can be set to the name of another resultMap upon which to base this resultMap. A statements would still run, but they would not be hitting the database. The value parameter will be replaced with the value of the Integer instance. The final option is to not upgrade at all.

A full discussion of the Java classpath is beyond the scope of this document. An Ant task is included with the framework to convert your XML files for you described below.

Top + iBATIS Interview Questions – Best iBATIS Interview Questions and Answers | Wisdom Jobs

There are two default settings used by the framework. In the case of executeUpdatethe statement is simply executed and the number of rows effected is returned. Your environment is driven by relational model.