Union, Contract. Actors’ Equity Association, Production Contract AF of M. Pamphlet IATSE Pink contract (Travelling employees). Memorandum of. IATSE Union. Industrial Pink Contract. The above Pink Contract is but a reference and not a valid copy (thus the “VOID – For Informational Use Only” watermark. The ‘pink contract’ is from whatever company you work for (Ie: NETworks, Phoenix, ect) Thia contract is between your producer and IATSE.

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Tuesday, November 13, Instead of farming out their new scores to the traditional soundtrack labels, most studios now retain them for their own in-house labels and generally [ You are here Home.

We did not want to wait until the last minute to go for a renewal. The Globes ceremony [ But then again I’m a member of three different IA locals Peace.

The Inception of the Pink Contract Books and Passports

Some will let the client request any member for a specific job, others require that only A list members can be requested. Because in an IA venue they’d require an IA “shadow”.

This new system of utilizing Passports applies to only our contract with the Broadway League. In total, the contract covers more than 43, employees. The new Traveling Members system will have the ability to contracf Passports for open ended runs as well as a specific day or days, depending on the circumstances.


Monday, December 17, James Feenstra wrote on Tue, 16 February I did a show at the Javits Center in NYC a couple of years ago and wasn’t aloud to touch any thing yet alone mix the show. Linthicum Heights, MD near Baltimore. I’ve heard the term “yellow-card” thrown around too, what is that exactly? Bigler Hero Member Offline Posts: February 16, Please fill out this field with valid email address.

IATSE Reaches Deal on New 3-Year Contract With Studios – Variety

The new agreement incorporates meaningful economic improvements in wages, conditions and benefits for workers in full and modified pink contracts and creates new conditions for qualifying short Engagement Tours. The introduction of the project agreements contained within the agreement has already proven to be useful in identifying who is the individual ultimately responsible for every show on Broadway and the Road.

Friday, December 7, Friday, December 7, It was their bills, and their guidance that resulted in this success; to the Senate and Assembly Leadership who made the final decision to put us in the budget – Senate President Pro Tempore Toni Atkins and Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon; and to Governor Jerry Brown who signed it into law.


I think I was unclear with my original post. Bigler wrote on Tue, 16 February Additional contributions will also be made to the Annuity Plan to bolster retirement benefits. Linthicum Heights, MD near Baltimore.

At the time we told the California Legislature that if they passed the incentive bill, production would return. President Loeb stated early on that identifying League members was one of the goals for the negotiations. Skip to main content. If the producer has decided that to save money the show will be run by an IA crew.

You are here Home. Linthicum Heights, MD near Baltimore. The producer wants you to run or work on their show so bad, that they will pay for you, AND a union member to do the same job.

We achieved that goal which is a cornerstone in providing security to those who travel under the road agreement.