Note: You cannot delete an entity if the selected object is part of a construction history. If you press Delete, the entire object is canceled. If the object is not a part . Navigation: HyperWorks Release Notes > Finite Element Meshing and Modeling >. HyperMesh Release Notes. Previous page Next page Print this . HyperWorks includes a new tool, ANSYS Contact Manager, which provides an option to automatically create surface-to-surface contacts. Several changes.

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Updates to Fix 2nd Order MidNodes utility. A new tool has been added in the Ansys utility menu that automatically generates ANSYS surface-to-surface contact elements.

A new capability for creating adhesive realization using seam connector building continuous hexa using lines as input has been implemented.

The ability to apply translate, position, and reflect shapes to selected nodes has been added. The performance of solid geometry import for the CAD readers that import solid entities has been improved. Several new line projection options for map-to-sections and line difference have been added. Shrink wrap meshing now includes an option to enable solid mesh generation.

Adhesive support to connector property scripts has been added for: Improved solid geometry import performance. You can interpolate surface function for mapping a mesh to, or creating a mesh through, a surface interpolated from nodes or lines.

Automesh using free lines. Multithreading for penetration and intersection check has been added. Nodes will continue to be written in command format until a future release. ANSYS solver does not support any formula for sets. Morph volumes can be created by dragging along a line, vector, or about an axis. TetraMesh Process Manager Template.


Available Product Updates

While interactively morphing on a plane, the plane can be inferred using the selected handles. New optimization browser view. Only constant beam section and thickness elements are considered. With the broadest set of direct interfaces to commercial CAD and CAE systems, HyperMesh provides a proven, consistent analysis platform for the entire enterprise. You can use options such as color by properties. Result types such as magnetic field intensity, magnetic flux, magnetic vector potential, current densities, and magnetic forces are now supported.

Automesh using free lines is a new feature where instead of using the feature edge or automatic feature edge detection, you can use the lines option. You can update contact definitions, properties, and materials of contacts at any time.

Generic hyeprmesh for model type constraints such as length, volume, angle, and radius can be automatically generated. Issues related to the Convert panel on the Tool page have been fixed. In addition to components, elements, nodes, and tags, assemblies are now supported as link entities for connector realizations.

Naming control option when importing Catia files. Options have been added for extended edges and depenetration for on elements type constraint. The boundary layer thickness of the resulting mesh is closer to the user-defined target than in previous hupermesh.

Adhesive support to connector property scripts.

Sliver tetra element fix. Within the latest version there are also updates to the surface projection and tolerance algorithms. Easier loading of property script for custom weld types. Fix Sliver Tetra Elements is a new tool that fixes all sliver and wedge elements based on a pre-defined 3D mesh criteria.

Post-processing of electromagnetic results in HyperView has been introduced. Element types, components, materials, property used, and pilot node name [if used] are listed for each pair. When remeshing, you can define a line that may or may not be on the plane of the elements, and upon remeshing, the mesh ensures that hhpermesh is node seeding along the chosen free line.


HyperWorks Product Updates

Issues related to mass calculations in summary templates for BEAMS and composites have been corrected. Unoffsetable nodes for regular tetra meshing with quad transitions can hypegmesh handled. You can now convert shapes to enforced displacements and vice-versa. The benefits of the two-layer auto-bead functionality include significant improvements to the interpolation of the topographical results.

You can then select components, and define tolerance and break angle to define auto contacts. Handle locations can be interactively manipulated hypfrmesh the morph volume edges morph panel. New mesh flow functionality has been introduced in the automesh panel. Note that properties still attach to the components as in earlier releases. Handles on morph volumes may be moved along, and extended beyond morph volume edges.

Altair HyperMesh is a hypemresh finite element pre-processor that provides a highly interactive and visual environment to analyze product design performance.

HyperWorks Release Notes > Finite Element Meshing and Modeling > HyperMesh Release Notes

All issues related to this have been corrected. Show and reverse normal is also possible at any time. Previously, point load applied on nodes rotated to local systems was not properly handled. DOF is supported for more 1D element types including weld, rigid, spring, and bars.