Some women opt for Hymenoplasty so that their hymen can be reconstructed. Click here to find out more about the details of the procedure!. Hymenoplasty is the procedure to restore the torn hymen intactness of which is presumed to be sign of virginity. Usual patient is an unmarried girl who had. Hymenorrhaphy or hymen reconstruction surgery is the temporary surgical restoration of the hymen. The term comes from the Greek words hymen meaning “membrane”, and raphḗ meaning “suture”. It is also known as hymenoplasty, although strictly this term would also The term may cover at least three significantly different types of procedure.

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Some of the other guidelines include: In some cultures as well as religious communities, a high value is imposed on virgins before marriage. In this procedure, the torn edges of the hymen are sutured back together.

Hymenorrhaphy – Wikipedia

First of all, you will need to schedule a consultation with the doctor to discuss the procedure and make your expectations clear and concise. Hymenoplasty is proceduer procedure to restore natural hymejoplasty to regain virginity.

Not many people are aware of the term Hymenoplasty. How is hymenoplasty performed? All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from March Articles with unsourced statements from February On the other hand, large breasts can be the cause of chronic back pain.

It is also known as clitoral hood reduction, as it can reduce the size of the clitoral hood in some patients. Because of increasing awareness and self-realization of the body, this surgery is in great demand. If that bothers you too much, you can have them reduced to your desired size.


Thank you so much and if you have any query or if you want to contact me you can come down to my office or you can take appointment through lybrate. Do hymenlplasty indulge in sex immediately after Hymenoplasty.

What does Cosmetogynaecology include? Mostly hymen repair may not be possible but get examined by Gynecologist to be sure. Patients are advised to contact their doctor immediately after a hymenorrhaphy if there is feverhymehoplasty painbleeding from vagina or the reconstructed hymen.

As for genital resurfacing, it is a procedure to even out the appearance around the intimate area or to improve the colour on the hymenlplasty hood. So I am not virgin.

Genital bleaching is a safe and easy way to whiten your intimate areas. When vaginal plastic surgery is performed to specifically construct or reconstruct the vulva-vaginal complex, either partially or totally, it is referred to as a neovaginoplasty.

When is the treatment done? New advancements and techniques in Labiaplasty and Vaginoplasty typically lessen scarring, pain, recovery time, and show excellent results in the area sometimes referred to as Vaginal Cosmetic Surgery.

Even male partner may not make out. Another point is labia major augmentation. The procedure prkcedure hymen restoration or reconstruction is called hymenoplasty, hymenorrhaphy, virginity surgery or just hymen reconstruction surgery. In such a situation, the surgeon reduces the opening porcedure the vagina with the help of vaginal mucous tissue.

Another is vulvar lipoclastic.

Hymenoplasty — how to do

Agar use pta chl gya that m not Virgin. However, mild painswellingtightening of the vaginal wall, and bleeding are some of the side-effects that may persist for a few days following the surgery. There are a couple of other alternatives to hymenoplasty such as — Laser vaginal rejuvenation — In this procedure, laser beams are used for fix the torn hymen.


With Hymenoplasty also called as a Hymen reconstruction surgery one can achieve the impossible i. It is specifically designed to strengthen and enhance the working of the vulva-vaginal body structures. Now I am going to marry some other guy. Cosmetogynaecology refers to the specialization in female cosmetic medicine and surgery. When the surgery is performed to specifically reshape the tissue and firm the muscles and lining of the vaginal canal for a more youthful appearance plus tighten up the canal after the stretching it endures through childbirth, then it is termed a vagina reduction for cosmetic reconstruction and is considered an elective surgical procedure.

Some women like to get a hymen rejuvenation to feel young again. Female genital modification Plastic surgery Gynecological procedjre. We live in an age where appearance primarily defines your personality and acts a great deal in boosting self-confidence and morale. However, you don’t always need an intercourse for the hymen sheath a thin tissue membrane that surrounds the external opening of the vagina hymenoplasy break. We don’t support your browser. So don’t worry your partner will never come to know that you a not a virgin unless you tell him.

Women who are healthy enough and have realistic expectations about the surgery are the best candidates for hymenoplasty.