specifications at the end of the Operation Manual. Since the service life of The main unit for the HVS series is HVSHS. The following. For-a Hvshs Manual. HVS / – HD/SD Portable Video Switcher, HVS- – 3G/HD/SD 2M/E Video. Switcher, HVSHS – HD/SD M/E Video. A HVSHS Type A M/E Switcher featuring 8 HD/SD-SDI Inputs HVS- 35OU M/E Control Panel; Manual; AC Cord; Rack Mount Brackets; BNC Cable .

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Support for mixed input of HD and SD signal comes standard. Additionally, using the 2D DVE for DSK enables you to enlarge a portion of the video for easy transition to match the arrangement of monitors.

FOR-A HVS-350HS Operation Manual

This section explains how to perform pattern transitions. Each channel offers title display and tally display functions.

The keyer also has a chroma key function. Advanced Settings For Transitions Panel Descriptions Unlit installed. Recording Video and Key The procedure example for changing the matte color by using the keypad is as follows. There are three different types. Selecting Reference Signal Uploading Images to the Switcher 1 Open the folder where your images are stored. Connecting Control and Remote Panels Index About This Manual Specifications and Dimensions Refer to main manual pages amnual details about functions.


However, when recording in Stop Motion mode, the previously stored data is still held in hvs-350hz memory and a new recording is started from the end of the recorded data. See the figure and the hvs-350gs below. The multiviewers have two types of tally indicators: Displaying Parameters See section Page Crosspoint Switch Timing USER Button User buttons can be assigned to specific menu pages and used as shortcuts or specific functions buttons.

The baud rate is automatically set according to the tally unit. How To Set Values AUX can be assigned for preview or multiviewer. Adjusting Video Signal Levels If a user presses one of them to save a selected pattern, the number button blinks.

Each sequence is composed of video frames called steps. If damage has occurred, nvs-350hs items are missing, inform your supplier immediately. System Setup Settings We will do our best to be of continuing service to you. The main unit works as an FTP server. Pin assignments can be changed via operational menus.

KEY1 is used as an example in this section.


See the figure below. A delay line with the clip memory can delay an output video up to 30 frames.


Dve Effects On Keys Ancillary Data The switcher allows users to pass, substitute or blank the ancillary data in the Program Clean and Preview video. To connect a router other than an MFR series router, two RS interfaces, one for controlling the router and the other for receiving TSL protocol, are required. This manual also for: Inputs and outputs can be expanded to 24 and 12 respectively. Page 7 Installing the AC Cord Retaining Clip 1 Insert both ends of the retaining clip into the holes on the sides of the hexagon head screws.

Also comes equipped with Proc Amp function capable of adjusting video level, chroma level, etc. How To Select Patterns It is mostly used for compositing moving subjects such a person in the virtual background.

Pattern Modify Example1 Pattern 20 This modification example adds a border effect to the background transition using Pattern Assigning Router Control Function Safety Area Markers Advanced Example 1 using Key Insert Aux Changing Settings or Values by Using the Numeric Keypad Users can also use the keypad to hv-350hs numerical settings to a menu.