The pasteurisation unit (HTST pasteuriser) is designed for the thermal treatment of milk and dairy products as well as other food products as soft drinks and. For more than 30 years REDA S.p.A. has been acting in the milk pasteurization process, using and constantly developing the plants of the series HTST (High. This innovation in HTST pasteurization is poised to transform the capabilities of dairy processors, allowing them to offer pasteurized milk that is farm-fresh and.

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It is centrifugal “stuffing” pump which supplies raw milk to the raw regenerator for the balance tank.

HTST milk pasteurizer (Flow pasteurizer)

Admit cold water to the hot water tank and run until the plant is cold. DN10, Cooling supply requirements: Its efficiency may be calculated as follows:.

Components of the compact unit: Shut off the steam supply. If, due to any problem, the pasteurising temperature is lower than the required one, an automatically operated flow divert valve sends the product back to the balance tank BTDthus, preventing any microbial contamination of the final product. Start flow of the milk to the float controlled balance tank by starting milk pump. Chart recorder, multi-channel, with memory card for data storage.

Basic Component Equipment of HTST Pasteurizer

Ice-water connection if required: The pastejrizer arrives to a balance tank BTD and is pumped to a plate heat exchanger. Alarm system with optical and acoustical signals for temperature and pressure differences Security switch-over valve, one-seat version, for alarm cases, leading the product without pasteurization back pasteurzer the receiver tank. It is essentially a short piece of tubing approximately 25 cm long surrounded by a housing, inside of which are located coils that generate a magnetic field.


Heating and cooling energy can be saved by using a regenerator which utilizes the heat content of the pasteurized milk to warm the incoming cold milk. If required, the unit must be provided with glycol water for cooling and with hot water or industrial steam at 3 bar.

The package constitutes a tested filter system htsr a circulation cleaning system.

Milk HTST Pasteurizer

The face of pasteufizer plate bar and the tightening spindle should be kept lightly coated with grease. If the heat exchanger has passteurizer regeneration stage, the treated product is used to preheat the feed material, losing heat in the process, this, reducing the energy required to reach the pasteurising temperature and in reducing the cooling required.

The timing pump draws product through the raw regenerator and pushes milk under pressure through pasteurized regenerator. This system can be operated at a flow rate greater than residence time less than the legal limit.

No computer program can be written completely error free in large systems; as complexity increases, so too do errors. At the pasteurized product discharge is a vacuum breaker which breaks to atmospheric pressure. Also called paasteurizer flow diversion valve FDVit is located at the downstream end of the upward sloping holding tube. The homogenizer may be used as timing pump.

Control devices with all necessary switches and regulators Electric boiler with hot water pazteurizer pump Two product pumps: Quiz 31 Lesson Free circulation from outlet to inlet is required and the speed of the homogenizer must be greater than the rate of flow of the timing pump. If the flow rate is exceeded for any reason, the flow diversion device is put into diverted flow.


The milk and the heating circuit are equipped with stainless steel pumps. AISI Other components and control panel: Pasteuurizer pasteurisation unit includes all the necessary equipment for automatic pasteurisation of milk, as well as an automatic control system and an integrated temperature recorder. Close the air vents when the milk comes out from them. You are currently using guest access Log in. Open the air vents.

HTST pasteurizers | Reda s.p.a.

Vacuum Breaker At the pasteurized product discharge is a vacuum breaker which breaks to atmospheric pressure. Turn off the chilled water in the cooling sections.

Any loose or broken gasket must be replaced, using proper adhesive. It ppasteurizer must be interwired so it only operates when FDD is fully forward or fully diverted, and must be “fail-safe”.

I have read and accept the privacy policy. It monitors, controls and records the position of the flow diversion device FDD and supplies power to the FDD during forward flow. A significant difference from the normal HTST system with timing pump comes into focus at this point. It must be used in conjunction with pressure differential controlling device and shall operate only when timing pump is operating, proper pressures are achieved in regenerator, and system is in forward flow.

It, therefore, helps to maintain a higher pressure on the pasteurized side of the heat exchanger. Hyginox SE centrifugal pump.