– wiring (Denso) for Wingroad with Y12, Electrics. Frame / Series, Y12 / Y12, body, W (wagon), engine, HR15DE (HR15DE engine), drive, 2WD. HR15DE engine model. flexible wires and anchors, work properly. If loose parts, deterioration, cuts .. to any components or wiring of the supple- mental air . HR15DE engine torque curve. Achieves plentiful low-end torque extending through mid-to-high engine speed. MR20DE engine torque curve. liter engine.

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Adjust ignition timing with a timing light before monitoring IGN TIMING, because the monitor may show the specification data in spite of the ignition timing not being adjusted to the specification data.

After the vehicle stops, the engine stalls. Slightly depressed [Ignition switch: For 1 seconds after turning ignition switch: Power generation voltage variable control: The engine can restart in the Neutral position, and engine speed will not exceed 1, rpm or more.

Nissan HR engine

More than a few seconds after turning ignition switch OFF 0 – 1. ON] [Engine is running]?

When disconnecting ECM harness connector Aloosen C it with levers as far as they will go as shown in the figure. The ECM regulates the opening wirlng of the throttle valve to be slower than the normal condition.


Idle air volume learning has not been performed yet. Response ratio Lean to Rich Response rate: After warming up, idle the engine Accelerator pedal: This file contains additional information such as Exif metadata which may have been added by the digital camera, scanner, or software program used to create or digitize it.

APEXi SMART Accel Controller Harness Adapter – A – RHDJapan

Engine hr15re temperature will be determined by ECM based on the following conditions. ECM stops the electric throttle control actuator control, throttle valve is maintained at a fixed opening approx.

Fully depressed [Ignition switch: The item is indicated, but not used. About 2, rpm More than seconds after starting engine. After warming up, idle the engine?


Fully depressed — [Engine is running]? The timestamp is only as accurate as the clock in the camera, and it may be completely wrong. ON] O — — — [Ignition switch: The engine speed will not rise more than 2, rpm. After warning up, idle the engine? ON] — — [Ignition switch: Idle air volume learning has already been performed successfully. After warming up – Keeping the engine speed between 3, and 4, rpm for 1 minute and at idle for 1 minute wiing no load? Under the following conditions?


Fully released Accelerator pedal: A few seconds after turning ignition switch OFF [Ignition switch: From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. The following other wikis use this file: When ECM detects the throttle valve is stuck open: The test limit is a reference value which is specified as wkring maximum or minimum value and is compared with the test value being monitored.

After warming up – After keeping engine speed between 3, and 4, rpm for 1 minute and at idle wlring 1 minute under no load? Retrieved from ” https: Permission Reusing this file. When electric throttle control actuator does not function properly due to the return spring malfunction: Therefore, acceleration will be poor.

No load Idle 2, rpm Clutch pedal: