View and Download HP C Digital Sender user manual online. Hewlett- Packard Digital Sender User Guide. C Digital Sender Scanner pdf manual. Manuals and User Guides for HP C Digital Sender. We have 10 HP C Digital Sender manuals available for free PDF download: Service Manual. View and Download HP C Digital Sender service manual online. Hewlett- Packard Digital Sender Service Manual. C Digital Sender Scanner pdf.

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List of figures Figure Control-panel layout Prepare The Site Europe, Middle East, Africa. See Control-panel lower cover on page If the error persists, you might need to replace the formatter. Default Send To Folder Options Figure Event Log Screen See Scanner left cover on page Page 60 Mylar-holder assembly1. Use The Auto-complete Function Removal And Replacement Strategy Turn the device off, reinstall the EIOaccessory, and then turn the mmanual on. Remove the mylar replacement kit envelope.

See Remove two screws callout 1 from the right bracket callout 2 and remove the right bracket. Initial Setup Menu See Flatbed scanner assembly on page Do not pour water directly onto the rollers.


What’s missing? Tell us about it.

See Remove one screw callout 1. Expand the Device Lists folder dibital select All Devices. The HP Jetdirect page is the second page that you see when viewing the configuration pageon the control panel.

Remove the ADF assembly by lifting it up and lifting the rear hinges out of their sockets.

Availability of support and service Around the world, HP provides a variety of service and support options for purchase. Configuring The Return E-mail Address Use a small flat blade screwdriver to slide four tabs callout 1 toward the keys. This fan manul operatesduring the initialization sequence. Remove the power-switch assembly. Solve e-mail problems If you are unable to send e-mails by using the digital-send feature, you might need to reconfigure the SMTP gateway address or h; LDAP gateway address.

Insert a new mylar shield, and clip it onto the four tabs on the mylar-holder assembly.

Settings | HP c Digital-Sender User Manual | Page 48 / 98

Using your fingers or a flatblade screwdriver, separate two clips callout 1 and shift the latch tothe right so that the notches are aligned. Click the Update Firmware Now button to update the Jetdirect firmware.

This fan is located in the base of the scanner assembly. Page Left hinge guide1.


Scanner base fan Remove the following items: This method should be used if for some reason device users do not have read access to the LDAP data. Page 81 Output bin paper lever1. Clear plastic paper guide Open the ADF top cover.


Figure Top Formatter Performance Performance The following sections give specific performance statistics for the digital sender. ENWWRemove the control panel. This service analyzes your device error log and configuration information to provide diagnostic and support information specific to your device.

ENWW Do not pour water directly onto the rollers.

Keyboard cable Remove the following items: Wipe the rollers gently with a clean, water-dampened, lint-free cloth. Jam detection When the sensors inside the ADF detect a jam, the feed and read motors immediately stop. Right hinge cover Remove the scanner rear cover.

Contact an HP-authorized service or djgital provider. Setting The Digital Sending Options This product was sold by a third party. Connect The Power Cord