Black Kiss has ratings and 41 reviews. Ryan said: Had a lot of trouble getting through this one. And it wasn’t because of the very graphic content. T. Howard Chaykin’s Black Kiss (Adult Comics) (): Howard Chaykin’s Black Kiss is hardboiled, erotic tour-de-force now available from. Howard Chaykin’s controversial series sees a new life at Dynamite, bringing its sexed-up story of vampires, pornography and classic noir.

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Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. What a great interview, Michael. Jun 30, Du4 rated it really liked it Shelves: On the growth of digital illustration. Diamond is a company whose owner is a guy who asked me — and Kisd presume others — to pray for the election of John McCain in Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want.

What on earth did I just read!? Chaykin has always leaned toward the raunchy sex in his work, nlack this seminal work is his rauchiest.

After becoming a vampire Kenton forms The Order of Bonniface and turns many of his followers into vampires, including Beverly Grove. I think it is a fair assumption to make that, whether or not you will be the slightest bit interested in reading Black Kiss, will be dependent upon whether or not the sex and violence that I described in the above hooward gets you interested in chaykiin out what weird and perverse things happen next.

He’s a historical novelist who almost exclusively writes about normal men and women who find themselves completely and totally subsumed by the events of to in Europe.

Howard Chaykin’s Black Kiss (Adult Comics) (2010)

On researching Black Kiss II. Two hit men show up at the motel where Pollack and his family are currently staying and kill both the wife and the kid. They all want something for themselves and do not care who they hurt or kill to get it. A really good post, very thankful and hopeful that you will write many more posts like this one. It seems to be a convention of many classic pulp or mystery stories to challenge the reader with plot twists.


You don’t discover this until very near the end granted there is something of a hint earlier and even though it’s very significant to the story, it almost feels tossed off.

Going in I thought I had an idea what this was about, but then I didn’t.

Fleeing crooked cops and mobster hitmen, Pollack returns to the house where he dropped off glack beautiful hitchhiker and But, if your, ahem, interest is the slightest bit aroused by the above description. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

None of the primary characters in the story are all that sympathetic, or even all that likable. But I am going to try Some of my favorite stuff is the stuff that Alan Furst does. What Dagmar does not realize is that, while the prostitute was playing with the priest’s organ, a nun or someone dressed like a nun strolls in and steals the reel of film, just before the blaxk is detonated.

It’s quite graphic and marked by Chaykin’s customary Byzantine plots, but it’s still fun to experience.

Howard Chaykin’s Black Kiss Digital Comics – Comics by comiXology

A saga of thugs, bombings, shootings and sluts for hire with a terrible secret. Mar 12, Rob Findlay rated it it was amazing. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. This would make a great B-movie sexploitation horror flick, like terrific, but it just doesn’t have the mileage in this format.


Later that same day, Cass Pollack, a man of seemingly little moral fiber, is released from detox or so he claims and is taking his ikss time going home to his soon to be ex-wife and their three year old daughter. It’s been, probably on a per-page basis, the most profitable book I’ve ever done.

Aug 26, Bill rated it it was ok Shelves: But Chaykin is unfazed. But confusing the reader with poor narrative and complex word bubbles is a detriment, not an attribute. It’s not really a night town.

This work is amazing! People aren’t getting worked up about this sort of stuff anymore. Midwest Regional Design Awards Winners Interested in creating comics? A prostitute named Dagmar kills a priest, and the prostitute that is servicing him, with a thermite bomb. This is possibly one of the raunchiest things I’ve ever read. Laine tries to grab the reel from Father Murtaugh but the reel is stolen by a nun. The story unfolds in short, graphic, sex-filled chapters, with reveals interspersed throughout.

This book is a real hardboiled special with lots of hilarious lines interjected to give a bit of colour on this world of slime, sleaze and socio-paths.

There is no way that it could not. However one of The Order, a young woman called Magda, wants Grove to only make her a vampire. The following interview contains preview images that may not be appropriate for all ages or workplaces.