Newly transplanted Minneapolitan Martin Kihn’s book is now a Showtime series starring Don Cheadle. Keep reading, but you might need a. HOUSE OF LIES: How Management Consultants Steal Your Watch and Then Tell You the Time. Martin Kihn, Author. Warner Business $ I was a junior consultant when I read Martin Kihn’s House of Lies: How Management Consultants Steal Your Watch and Then Tell You the Time.

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For Tucker, “there’s no novelty or freshness in House of Lies’ patter or its penis-placement” the latter comment being a reference to House of Lies’ “butt-load of the sort of sexual activity one can get away with on pay-cable”.

Until recently, most of his writing could be called satirical or snarky, meticulously researched and office-based. Complete with an appendix of terms like “brain dump,” “pulse check” and “swag” an acronym for “smart wild-assed guess”this somewhat disjointed, highly intelligent and deeply funny debut memoir skewers a segment of the economy that nearly every white-collar worker has learned to fear and loathe: It is surprising that Warner Business Books and their editors would allow such a gross mismatch of the current book title and content.

A mix of affection and competition would have been magical. Paperbackpages. Jan 10, Linda added it. Everyone talks in an office. That’s why I was excited when Showtime picked up House of Lies. Like a weapon or a joke, the effect depends entirely on the owner.

Deconstructing a House of Lies

Marty is chasing a particularly controversial client: Like, the clients who bring ambiguous problems along with their extra baggage of internal politics, then there are the firms Partners who suck the remaining lles out of the team with their Team-dinners despised by every consultant.


These men and women really knew next to nothing. Pay me more and I will show you what the damage is and how to fix it”. But the core, amazingly, remained. Aug 12, Glenn Burnside rated it really liked it. What other profession could possibly share stories so crazy, you’d swear they couldn’t hojse be true?

Kihn strikes a nice balance between letting you in on the details of the work while being sure to highlight the absurdity of said work whenever he can. Kihn argues that khn consultants know little or nothing about the firms they’re hired to help; furthermore, he contends, they often offer companies information that companies already have.

Really should be a part of business school reading lists. I felt overall that the author was quite cynical, although much of what he said is true of housw industry. I enjoyed a solid, legitimate consulting career that was largely housd.

He does so in a very funny and engaging fashion. Feb 04, Dave White rated it it was ok. Martin talks about the different types of individuals roles and their personalities that are stereotypical in consulting firms, starting from “Associate consultant” to “Partners and Sr.

May 07, j rated it really liked it. Critics’ Choice Television Award.

I had no idea that it was TV program yes I live under a rock when it comes to television when I got the book. The Best Books of Oct 09, Johan Ekbom rated it really liked it. I wish I had this book when I started at hous company – it helped me translate so much of the consultant-speak that’s taken me over a year to get accustomed to.


In fact, anyone hoping to learn how consultants steal your watch and then tell you the time will be let down as well.

House of Lies – Wikipedia

Retrieved from ” https: Hysterical and irreverent, written in a style not for everyone. And love the Showtime series at least so far based on the book. You can wordsmith your way through a meeting or you can have a real conversation. Easy to o, a bit boring at times, love Appendix A the complete consultants dictionary, sooo many true words and hoyse here.

When I was interviewing with consulting firms, several people recommended the TV show ‘House of Lies’.

House Of Lies : How Management Consultants Steal Your Watch and Then Tell You the Time

And I’d say that houee if I were not doing publicity for him. The Series Big Brother: Thanks for telling us about the problem. Many of his dislikes might be related to the company he worked for What female professional would tolerate Marty’s advances, take a back seat to her idiotic male counterparts whose characters are so thin kinh all but disappeared by the end and share the exact same worldview as her colleagues?