Hounded. Atticus O’Sullivan has been running for two thousand years and he’s a bit tired of it. After he stole a magical sword from the Tuatha Dé Danann (those. The first novel in the Iron Druid Chronicles—introducing a cool, new, funny urban fantasy hero Atticus O’Sullivan, last of the Druids, lives peacefully in Arizona. All in all Hounded is a very competent debut by an author who is rightly making a big splash in the fantasy genre. His iss [ ].

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I loved this book!

Hounded by Kevin Hearne book review

Dec 22, Anne rated it really liked it Shelves: Atticus earth magic makes him more well- earthy and that alone gives you a clue of what Atticus is about. Atticus is the witty year old druid who is the object of every females affections, mortal and god alike. Abundance flows to you in every way. Mind you, when I say I like these differences, it’s not because I dislike the way things were handled in Butcher’s books. He also feels too modern and “down with the kids”.

In all seriousness, I really enjoyed this book. Atticus is a plus year old Druid who makes his home in Arizona. I was around when many of them began to take root, after all. Hounded reads like the Dresden Files with a dash of American Gods thrown in. I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy, and this woman is supposed to be an ally.

The kevih story begins with Atticus and Oberon chilling in the Tempe Market place. Hounded is hugely readable, vastly entertaining and highly recommended — miss it at your peril! The Doubleday UK meme, a book a day for Julyis the goad I’m using to get through hearn snit-based unwritten reviews.

If Joss Whedon and Jim Butcher had a love child that would one day grow up and write a novel – this would be the novel he wrote. You have 21 centuries of cool exploits to draw from as you demonstrated in the short story The Chapel Perilous.


Life as a cop in Canton Town, Mississippi, is It is an experiential path. Yes, I know lots of people do it, but it’s icky and I don’t want to hear about it.

A very competent debut. Now he is being hunted. There was never a true dull moment in this book, and it was hard for me to uearne away without wanting to read just a few more pages…! Minor gripes aside, this was a really fun read and well-worth the ninety-nine cents I spent on hounde.

Let’s start with Atticus. They were only concerned with petty grievances and vengeance. A Game of Thrones Debut and a Oh and lots of laugh aloud moments too especially with Atticus’s offsider who happens to be an Irish Wolfhound and who gets all the best lines. It feels like the author is trying to do everything and the story could easily get out hand with all these supernatural figures running around. Anyhoo, so Atticus is a year old I loved this book!

The relationship is just so much fun, and the humor in this book is fantastic. The norm for gods generally, though some semblance of substance or the ability to champion a worthwhile cause would’ve been nice, anything to show some depth of hearns to engender interest from me as the reader.

Far older than he appears, he balances between his physical youth and mental maturity with a fair amount of aplomb.

I really didn’t like it Those things are not a true cost. Hounded brought back the joy I felt when reading a great UF keeper of a book, and with it a new rising star of an author to be on the look-out for. Life almost seems good, but an angry Celtic god wants his sword and he has been looking for Atticus for gearne while.


Um, I do have to say that I prefer my Christian deity, because I don’t trust those Celtic gods as far as I can throw them no offense to those who believe in Celtic pantheism. Retrieved from ” https: Hounded is vividly imagined — it seamlessly combines the gods and supernatural beings of diverse hearhe mythologies in new and original ways. It’s hard for me to read urban fantasy these days heaene not compare the books to the Dresden files.

So because it was not a bad book and because I somewhat enjoyed it, I will read it again. Kvin had both, though now that you mention it.

Melissa Martin’s Reading List It turned out to be a pretty good one. Kevin Hearne first came on to my attention in the last quarter of when I read about Hounded and the Iron Druid Chronicles on a blog. Featuring the right amount of comedy, action and mythology, Hounded is a worthwhile urban fantasy book in the vein of The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher and K.

Hounded by Kevin Hearne

Yes, I know the neighbor was mean and reported him to the police. And that’s where the story starts He earned his degree in English literature from Northern Arizona University and then got a job as a teacher in California.

I love this world that Hearne has crafted, the way that everything supernatural actually exists and that the houndsd of their manifestation is directly proportional to the faith of mortals. He’s a little over two KA old and the last of the ancient druids and he’s often an unwilling pawn to Irish gods.