Hood (King Raven Trilogy) [Steve Lawhead] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Presents a reimagining of the tale of Robin Hood in which. Summary: An interesting and entertaining first instalment giving a revisionist twist to the Robin Hood legend. Well written, and full of familiar. For centuries, the legend of Robin Hood and his band of thieves has captivated the Internationally-acclaimed author Stephen R. Lawhead has created a lyrical .

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I don’t really recall the story ever dragging as I listened to the audiobook — Adam Verner did an excellent job of reading and voicing all of hoood different characters, and Lawhead kicked off the action early on with a few notable deaths that served to set everything else in motion. I’ve never read any Robin Hood retellings or lawhsad Lawhead books so this was pretty new for me.

Overall a good read even with the length and trouble with the names. And setting them down in Hpod rather than England was an in 4. I’m a sucker for myth and legend. Hood is nicely written with some wonderful descriptive passages and a host of multi-dimensional characters and it paints an evocative and well-researched picture of eleventh century life.

One thing I particularly like about this book is that it’s a more full-blooded kind of fiction that I’d love to see more Christian publishers dealing with. In Hood, Bran is the “reluctant hero,” but somehow he doesn’t come lwwhead as a stereotype — perhaps because we clearly see his flaws as he flies into rages, remorselessly kills people who get in his way, kawhead forgets to pine over the woman he said he loves.


And without really drawing attention to it, Lawhead writes a very good portrayal of a woman with whom life went differently than lawheqd expected, who had to struggle against an attraction she probably would never have wanted to deal with in the first place. I really hate giving books 1 star. Lawhead, has even written a series about Merlin and Arthur, known as his Pendragon Cycle. Every once in a while there was a monologue of a character’s thoughts hopd their past and I hated it and love it at the same time.

I was also frequently distracted by his mispronounciation of not only some of the Celtic words but even commonly used words like “sinew”.

The Raven King Trilogy has enjoyed a lawhea positive response from readers, scoring an average of 3. Oct 30, Schuyler rated it really liked it. Through agony and adventure, aided by a ragtag group of colorful characters, his sense of justice grows, along with lawheax commitment to leading the people of Elfael and his creative strategies for dealing with the enemy. But we myth and legend buffs don’t mind that.

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Bran has an understated faith arc, and the author is able to stay true to the rough-and-tumble soldier’s world he thrusts us into.

There’s just lqwhead weird about the writing that feels forced or like even the author couldn’t bring himself to bood much. People believed in witchcraft and all manner of superstitious things back in that day, and an enormous raven would most likely fit with the other nightmares they conjured up for themselves.

As a friend said, “adult Christian fiction without being cheesy. Oct 26, Rebecca McNutt rated it it was amazing Shelves: View all 13 comments.


The Welsh still regard the Anglo Saxons as foreigners. A slow-paced earthy legend I wasn’t sure what to expect from Stephen Lawhead’s “Hood”. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for 3 dimensional characters but I tend not to like the book as much if I don’t like lawhea main character; I do not like womanizing, selfish, narcissists.

King Raven Trilogy

I just got an email that someone liked this review and it took me a moment to even remember that I had read it.

Sep 05, Emma Grace rated it did not like it. I went between the Kindle and Audible versions. No one else knows how deeply grief wounds her heart when Bran disappears. This was my first Lawhead book, and I can’t wait to read more.

If that sounds a bit odd, Mr. For more information please look at: I’m dreading the narration so DNFing is my only option for saving the possibility of thoroughly enjoying this book.

Hood by Stephen R Lawhead – book review

I would love to list them if I could find them again, but sadly they elude me. I personally like reading about historical figures outside of their normal setting. Robin Hood possible spoilers for Hood. Not only that, he creates a certain amount of sympathy—not approval, but understanding and pity—for Bran’s enemies at times, alternated with horror. You’d expect something to have survived, even if only in fragments.