‘hiriko’ is a foldable urban electric vehicle, based on MIT media lab’s ‘citycar’. ‘ hiriko’ is a compact electric urban mobility vehicle, capable of. hiriko folding car to go on sale next year ultra compact Those of you who often have to drive into a busy city will know all too well how much. The car in question was called the Hiriko and was produced by a small Spanish company based in the Basque Country. A few hours later, the.

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This page was last edited on 10 Marchat Hiriko means “urban car. Entrepreneurs created a nonprofit parent company, Afypaida, to manage public money pouring into the project.

There was a tremendous amount of excitement about the design, and in Europe some leaders saw the Hiri,o as the solution to many urban ills. Lauren Frayer Facebook Instagram Twitter.

Each of the four wheels can turn 60 degrees left or right, enabling the car to travel sideways, which makes parallel parking a very easy maneuver to accomplish, and this flexibility allows the car to spin on its central axis. And the wheels are mounted at the corners of the chassis, so the car can turn in place if necessary, or even move sideways.

But if you live in a crowded city, or have had to navigate the narrow streets of many European cities, you may see its appeal. In DecemberHiriko higiko Deutsche Bahn announced an agreement to start a carsharing pilot program in Germany in to integrate the Hiriko Fold into Deutsche Bahn’s railway hirikl to allow their customers the possibility of using a vehicle parked at the station with which to complete the last mile of the journey to their final destinations.

In fact, it’s probably for the best, says team leader Kent Larson, because in the time it took to try to manufacture Hiriko, its technology has already become “obsolete.

MIT’s Hiriko ‘foldable’ car said to be priced at around $16k when it launches later next year

He reportedly has an impressive collection of historic vehicles. Retail deliveries were scheduled to begin in After years of planning an advanced-projects team at General Motors was involved until the financial crisis inthe Hiriko may actually come to several cities. The car received a lot of publicity, appearing on the Discovery Channel, as well as in The New York TimesThe Guardianand other leading newspapers.


The door is on the front.

People involved with the project tell NPR that several prototypes were built in Spain. The first two-seater production models should be on the streets in Spain next year. Ask GM or any of the big companies, and they’ll tell you it takes more than 10 hirko the budget we had!

Hiriko – Wikipedia

Of the three patents behind the project, two were never used because they were too expensive, say some workers, who are still owed their wages. But one of the project’s chief engineers, Carlos Fernandez Isoird, told NPR that all of the money did indeed go to the project, and was not embezzled for personal use.

The concept behind the Hiriko urban electric car was originally conceived by William J. In public prosecutors in Spain accused six businessmen involved in the project of fraud. And they need to have some qualities of magic.

El Diario Norte in Spanish. In the freezing cold of the early hours of January 24,outside the headquarters of the European Commission in Brussels, a group of engineers was desperately trying to dry out the electronics of a tiny prototype electric car using hair dryers.

The cars would be shared, not owned — parked at train stations where people could pick them up, as people do with a bike share.

The then-president of the European Commission, Jose Manuel Barroso leftand Jesus Echave, the Spanish chairman of a consortium of seven var Basque companies, sit together in a prototype of the Hiriko car, during a event in Brussels.

It would be low cost and lightweight, with three bicyclelike wheels. One would pick up a car parked close to one’s location instead of from a central rental office. The company also planned to promote the cars for cities cag Europe to expand their carsharing programs.


Creators of the original CityCar didn’t higiko where to find the Hiriko either and they emphasize that a firewall limits their involvement with the commercial xar of their inventions.

The story of this urban electric car is that of the failure of a business venture funded almost entirely with public money: Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. All either refused to comment, or did not respond to multiple requests. The PNV, hiiriko heads the Basque regional government, has refused to do so, saying the prototype was developed, but it was the sales and marketing aspect of the project that failed. Of the 20 prototypes promised at the launch, just one car was completed, with two more half finished.

They say they did everything in their power to get the Hiriko on the road — including, it seems, using hairdryers. If you need an SUV to haul cargo or kids, this is not the car for you. There are no side doors. Production aiming for 20 test pre-production cars began in July in Vitoria-GasteizSpain.

How A Folding Electric Vehicle Went From Car Of The Future To ‘Obsolete’

But some former employees of the company, who prefer not hieiko give their names, say the project was based on unworkable premises from the start, hirikl that production estimates were wildly unrealistic, pointing to poor planning and project management.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. These demonstration vehicles were supposed to be used for display and testing. Knocks at the door turned up no answer. This Week in Pictures: But the inventors are not in mourning.

And the whole car would fold up — such that seven vehicles could fit into two normal-sized parking spaces. You Might Also Like Most say they had the impression that their bosses had no idea about how to run a company.