After being expelled from any number of schools, year-old Martin winds up at Edgeview, a publicly funded boarding school and a last-chance alternative. Books: Hidden Talents, David Lubar fanfiction archive with over 1 stories. Come in to read, write, review, and interact with other fans. Hidden Talents is the debut young adult novel by writer David Lubar. In this novel , Martin Anderson arrives at Edgeview Alternative School where he has been.

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Of the kids, Bloodbath is a terror, as are his cronies, but Martin’s roommate, “Torchie,” is nice enough, although he constantly denies starting the fires that flare up wherever he goes.

This is a wonderful little gem. I have my local children’s librarian to thank for steering me to Hidden Talents — a story of life at an alternative boarding school for boys of junior-high age who have been kicked out of more traditional schools for their unacceptable behavior, which includes stealing, bullying, setting fires, cheating, and general destructiveness. Figuring out your talent is important. Probably a dorky scarf, too.

It definitely sparked my love for reading and I shared it with friends who also fell in love with it.

Aug 22, Ken Lawrence rated it liked it. Until Martin makes an incredible discovery: Talfnts still one of my very favorite books. He never finished that sentence. David Lubar did a wonderful job. The messages– that each person’s weakness can also be viewed as an asset, and the importance of learning self-control– never take over or push the plot out of the way.

This book is just awesome. He could probably crumple me up like a used tissue and still keep one hand on the steering wheel.


The language was realistic, and the dialogue and interactions between characters realistic. This one was fairly decent. When I pick up my pen and start drawing on a blank piece of paper, I know I can make hiddeen wonderful. Martin keeps in touch with his friends, who also are controlling their talents well enough that they may be allowed to go home soon as well.

Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. The story itself is interspersed with conversations, files, etc. You just bidden up to the job.

Hidden Talents Story By: David Lubar by Ryan Harper on Prezi

A debut young adult novel from a popular children’s author tells the story of tslents Martin Anderson, who arrives at the Edgewater Alternative School as an outcast but quickly finds his place among other lubsr with strange gifts.

Giggles escape my throat since I am astound by brilliant quotes like the one above. When Martin goes to Edgeview he really gets mouthy with all his teachers except Mr. As he got closer, I realized he wasn’t that much older than my parents—he just moved like he was ancient.

Then, as he makes his way from class to class, Martin finds it difficult to control his tongue and ends up saying something offensive to almost all of his teachers. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads hiden. I think i literary term that could easily be linked to this book is Irony.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

Hidden Talents Summary & Study Guide

Shortly after, they find out the school might close and they are having an inspection. Then he glanced back at me. The driver leaned over and pulled the handle, thrusting open the bus door.


Copyrights Hidden Talents from BookRags. I libar the multi-racial cast, but was getting impatient with the pace– on page 88 to be exact– when the story turned in a completely unexpected direction, taking flight into fantasy, science fiction, or magical realism– I’m still not sure how I’d classify it.

I never trusted anyone with a bow tie. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. The two of them reminded me of a hivden of dogs who stop for a quick sniff as they pass each other on their way to important doggy missions.

His face turned mean and angry for an instant—the sort of meanness that needs to lash out and cause pain. Something that might have been a carpet a million footsteps ago clung to the floor. Behind my back, I heard the door slam hard, cutting off the stream of swear words the driver was spewing lubsr me.

Martin can hurt people with words, Flinch can sense what his hidfen is going o do next, Trash can make stuff float, Lucky can find anything and Cheater can read minds. Some of his new llubar have special abilities. The entrance was dark, barely lit by two weak bulbs that hung from the ceiling on frayed cords. And what’s going to happen when the boys begin to figure out how these odd occurrences can be controlled?