Discover ideas about I Ching. I CHING – O Livro das Mutações: Hexagrama Ta Ch’u / O Poder de Domar do Grande. I ChingLivros. More information. El hexagrama 26 es llamado 大畜 (ta ch’u), “La Fuerza Domesticadora de lo Grande”. Hello all, I have been reading the memorizing threads on Hex and it was quite interesting the discussion about line 1 and 4 – which Wilhelm.

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This hexagram carries with it a strong reminder to remain focused on inner wisdom. Beyond this Gate, many hexagfama paradise could be found. The matador restrains the bull not by blocking its path, but by deftly stepping aside, draining its force bit by bit. Concerning the Image, Chu Hsi says: Line six will no longer exercise repression, but join with line three, assisting his advance.

…life can be translucent

When water meets a dam, it continues to rise in power until it overwhelms whatever blocked its flow. There will be great good fortune. From the source, good fortune.

Danger is at hand. Roberto Assagioli — Psychosynthesis. Line five is the ruler of the hexagram whose duty it is to repress the advance of evil.

I like your question about whether the two lines connect with 50 somehow. The strap below, when attached to the axle, made the carriage hexagramw he himself acts that part. In other contexts for example, a question about business mattersthis can refer to making connection with sound and established practices. I’m away from work now until hexagrmaa New Year. The line easily restrains the nine at beginning before it has begun to be dangerous, hence the joy.


Log in Log in requires javascript Username or email: Image of a transformation of energy from crude to sublime. You may wish to make strong advances, hexagrams there seems to be an obstacle in your way.

Quick search excluding the forums: Not opposing calamity indeed. With such a spirit, great transformations are possible.

But the latter is only a perverted use of the will, while the apparent futility of the will is due only to a faulty hexagram unintelligent use. Whitmont — The Symbolic Quest. It will be advantageous for him to stop his advance. This hexagram symbolizes the sky visible amidst the mountain peaks. One must constantly stay on top of the changes taking place.

If you wait a bit, your energy will accumulate for vigorous action when the time is right. The line itself is unambiguous, though the contradictory Confucian commentaries are subject to interpretation: Forum Exploring Divination Great and powerful forces, inhibited in the recent past by temporary restraints, are now building strength and momentum.

For this line, which tops the lower hexagram Sic presages the fulfillment of our will. Talents and virtue are nourished because he refuses to confine his power within his immediate family.

Good fortune in the form of happiness. Jaffe — The Hexatrama of Meaning. The man eventually removes all obstacles and attains progress and honor. Attaching a piece of wood to shape their growth and prevent goring is an instance of extraordinary precaution, and precaution is always good.

You are held hexxagrama from proceeding because of events beyond your control. The will of the one above is in agreement. After reading your post and reviewing this reading, I wonder if what I see sounds acceptable Psychologically, inner hxagrama will drain energy from the situation unless the ego has the will to control their manifestation.


Through contact with the Self, negative cycles can be broken and positive cycles begun, but it always requires a mountain’s worth of Hexagramz Power to make it happen. The Judgment teaches that if one is firm and correct in this endeavor he may then engage in public service and enjoy the king’s grace.

A good horse that follows others. One follows the way of heaven. But there is no resentment in the heart.

iChing Containment of Potential

Learn to tame your response and be a better listener. The dynamic line in the highest place is line six who is above the ruler and has all of heaven in which to move. It is best gexagrama be occupied all day long with defensive measures. And we could take any other reading where there are lines involved. Agreed – Tuck’s accounts of line relationships in each hexagram are some of the clearest and most hexgarama I’ve seen. It is of benefit to cross the great water.

There is a simple structural perspective that illustrates the skeleton of an oracle, as it were.