In offering the two Latin words mundus imaginalis as the title of this discussion, I intend to treat a precise order of reality. It is perhaps worth making this essay available here in spite of the fact that it can also be found online here in a different translation. This pdf. Henry Corbin’s Mundus Imaginalis, Sufism, neurological damage, psychic opening, and imagination gone awry. by Barbara Croner & Sheila.

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This is not the case, as is alluded to in this remark attributed sometimes to the Prophet and sometimes to the First Imam of the Shi’ites: Let us look at the very beautiful narratives, which are both visionary tales and tales of spiritual initiation, ,undus in Persian by Sohrawardi, the young sheikh who was “the resurrector of ancient Persian theosophy” in the Islamic Iran of the twelfth century.

What Sohrawardi therefore describes as being located “beyond Mount Qaf’ mmundus what all the mystical cities, such as Jabalqa, Jabarsa, and Hurqalya, represent for him and through him for the entire theosophist tradition of Islam.

Corps spirituelp. The last begins at and lasts until his death, in which he studied and reintroduced eastern and Islamic philosophy. It is certainly a world that remains beyond the empirical clrbin of our sciences. Charles Parrent rated it it was amazing Dec 12, Cheetham, The World turned Inside Out, p.

Henry Corbin – Wikipedia

Andrew Scott rated it really liked it Jan 26, He asks to be taken to the principal mosque. The mountain of Qaf is the cosmic mountain constituted from summit to summit, valley to valley, by the celestial Spheres that are enclosed one inside the other. How and why does it make its appearance? The crossing lasts sixteen days, after which the ship enters an area where the waters of the sea are completely imaginais the Green Island is outlined on the horizon.


Getting lost and scared in the new territory Now, imaginalie happens if you have a psychic opening that is brought about by neurological damage or is otherwise abrupt, distressing, and discontinuous with your previous weltanschauung?

Mundus Imaginalis, or The imaginary and the Imaginal

We try to run from this reality, even when we are secretly attracted by it. This movement involves a progressive reversion and interiorisation, kmaginalis the point is reached at which there is no differentiation between the knower and what is known, between universal truth and personal encounter, between human ego and angelic consciousness. On a Friday, then, while our Iranian pilgrim is praying in the mosque, he hears a great commotion outside.

This place “outside of place” nonetheless has its own topography. KPI,pp. Hardcover1st edition22 pages. The second is the years between andin which he studied Shahab al-Din Suhrawardi and the School of Illumination in Istanbul.

Does this involve simply leaving oneself in order to attain oneself Not exactly. For what follows, ibid. Most importantly, all the spiritual universes of the past as creations of the soul are as real now as they ever were, in a qualitative sense — for they all partake of the timeless reality of the mundus imaginalis.

Society of Biblical Studies,p. They returned to Paris one year later in July Cosmology Before considering the specific function of the angel muundus this gnostic path, imaginapis need to lay out some of the key characteristics of the intermediary world that Corbin named the mundus imaginalis.

He decides to join the group. For it is the same word that serves in Arabic to designate the Platonic Ideas interpreted by Sohravardi terms of Zoroastrian angelology. We are no longer participants in a traditional culture; we live in a scientific civilization that is extending its control, it said, even to images. Where then is the road that leads out of it? Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.


Conversely, owing to this act of being, these worlds are present in it. Years later Corbin said “through my meeting with Suhrawardi, my spiritual destiny for the passage through this world was sealed.

Mundus Imaginalis, or The imaginary and the Imaginal by Henry Corbin

Our traveler obliterates his tracks, but he will keep some material evidence of his sojourn: Our narrator had scarcely arrived in Andalusia when he contracted a fever crobin lasted for three days.

It does not occur in any Persian dictionary, and it was coined, as far as I know, by Sohravardi himself, from the resources of the purest Persian language.

There are events in the life of the Hidden Imam-even descriptions of his five sons, who are the governors of mysterious imaginali. This means it begins at the very moment one corbij the Supreme Sphere, which defines all the types of orientation possible in our world or on our side of the worldthe “Sphere” to which the cardinal points refer. Adrien-Maisonneuve, ; 2nd ed. One cannot but be struck by the concordance or convergence of the statements by the great Swedish visionary with those of Sohravardi, Ibn ‘Arabi, or Sadra Shirazi.

The Imam signals to one of his pages, who gives the traveler imagknalis purse, take him by the hand, and guides him through the gardens.